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David Mitchell

Vice President of Digital Media, Emerging Platforms


David  Mitchell's LinkedIn page
In David’s role as Vice President of Digital Media, Emerging Platforms, he is responsible for the weather leader’s suite of universally-accessible mobile and connected products within the emerging platforms marketplace. He spearheads the integration of current and new weather data sets within emerging platforms – including smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and appliances, wearable devices, smart cars, and smart homes. David is a technology visionary, at the cutting edge of making AccuWeather’s data available to users everywhere, on every popular device, customized to meet the specific needs of users regardless of location. David has significant experience architecting innovative, monetized business models and partnership agreements with AccuWeather’s key partners, including the world’s leading OEM’s and ODM’s which now produce over 100 million connected devices each year that feature AccuWeather as the weather-provider of choice for their users. These partnerships have helped drive the expansion of AccuWeather’s global footprint and reinforce AccuWeather’s position as the dominant leader in digital weather data. With David’s contributions to AccuWeather’s growing suite of innovative solutions, we are able to meet the needs of users with personalized weather information available anytime, anywhere, and on the devices they prefer. We offer this personalized information in a way that protects people and property even as it helps users make more informed decisions and improve the quality of their lives.