Bernd Talasch

Senior Consultant

ET Business Solutions

Bernd Talasch has a background in analytics, having worked in pricing, costing, sales/marketing and insight departments for various telco organisations in both Australia and the United Kingdom. With Optus and AAPT in Australia and Virgin Media in the UK, Bernd worked among customer bases and usage with millions of data points, building propensity models and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and assisting in the design of campaigns through analytical insight. This expanded to reporting on overall performance, customer trends and industry analysis. In 2010, Bernd joined ETBS to assist in the maintenance of the existing model, and particularly in the development of new Market Price Models and tools in the area of IT, from Mainframe and Midrange to End-User and Service desk, Cloud Computing and other new technologies. In addition to this, Bernd has worked to organise the company’s large stores of data on Rate Cards (which led to the development of the ETBS Rate Card Model (RCM)) and pricing into more easily accessible formats; and acquisition and incorporation of external data sources into more usable and accessible formats. Bernd is also responsible for various global and local benchmarking projects, with particular focus on data collection, data validation and analysis and the production of benchmarking reports. Bernd holds a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Technology, Sydney.