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I am the founding partner of business futures practice, Atmosphere. We work to help people and businesses evolve for the better, realising the opportunities present both in digital and as a result of the increasing pace of change in and around media and marketing. I teach at a business school, mentor a small handful of high growth potential start-ups and speak publicly variously around the stuff that I am passionate about and interests me. This includes brand engagement both with external customers and internal teams, innovations driving market disruption, and high performance structures for a more networked and connected future. My strong entrepreneurial streak is demonstrable looking back over the preceding 10 years which I have spent founding and building digital agency business. During this time I have variously led digital strategy for brands including LloydsTSB, Honda, Pernod Ricard, The Post Office, AMEX and plenty more. I love my work. I also love working with the passionate and talented people I am lucky to know and share a vision of the future with.