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Alan Leeds


Agile Strategy Manager

Alan Leeds's LinkedIn page
Alan Leeds is the president of Y-Change, a software company enabling companies to convert strategy into action. For 20 years, Mr. Leeds was President of Leemak, a mid-sized management consulting firm. Alan’s experiences in consulting provided the foundation for the methodology upon which Y-Change is based; successful deployment of a company’s goals and objectives occurs when the strategy is cascaded throughout the company. ​His expertise in strategy deployment and change management methodologies has helped companies deliver tangible operating results. He has led numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Raytheon, Cisco Systems and Texas Instruments to effect these changes, pioneering both innovative processes and tools. Alan holds a Masters from SUNY and a BS from Syracuse University. Prior speaking engagements have included 2007 National conferences for the ASP and the CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Professionals). He presented his Agile Strategy Execution Framework at the Agile Alliance2016 conference in July. An award winning magician, he incorporates magic into his presentations.