Zuckerberg writes election interference manifesto

Following a rocky year, the Facebook founder and CEO has released a 3,300-word blog post detailing how he plans to make the platform safe from election interference


Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, has released a blog post detailing how he plans to prevent interference on the platform in both the upcoming US midterm elections and the 2020 US presidential elections.

The post follows a tumultuous year for Facebook and its CEO. Zuckerberg has been invited to the US Congress to answer questions for more than 10 hours, during which he apologized multiple times for the failings of the platform to prevent or at least mediate the impact of bad actors on the 2016 US presidential election.

It was also reported that, so far in 2018, almost 40 million people deleted the Facebook app from their phones, with almost 20 million people deleting their accounts all together. Most damaging, its stock dropped by 20% in July 2018, which wiped more than $120bn from Facebook's value.

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In the manifesto, Zuckerberg moved away from apologizing to voicing solutions and plans for the future. The company said it intended to hire 10,000 new employees tasked with monitoring and maintaining the safety and security of the platform. These new hires will also incorporate new software to manage the platform such as AI tools to remove fake accounts more efficiently and deprioritizing Facebook pages which appear to be spreading disinformation.

"In 2016, we were not prepared for the coordinated information operations we now regularly face," commented Zuckerberg in the blog post. "We have learned a lot since then and have developed sophisticated systems that combine technology and people to prevent election interference on our services.

"Today, Facebook is better prepared for these kinds of attacks," he added.

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