YouTube adds Eventbrite widget for upcoming artist shows in the US

The new partnership with Eventbrite aims to streamline "on tour" ticket sales and discover


YouTube has announced a partnership with Eventbrite to add ticketing listings under artist videos to offer viewers in the US a direct pathway to purchase tickets.

The new feature has been implemented with an added widget underneath the video content that highlights upcoming shows.

YouTube announced in a blog that the new partnership with Eventbrite and 2017's partnership with Ticketmaster means that "YouTube now covers more than 70% of the US ticketing market". It also and stated that it will continue to "add new artists and venues of all sizes to our list in North America as well as expand globally".

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According to a recent Google study, YouTube audiences span across a vast age range: "60% of Americans aged 35 to 54 and 29% of Americans aged 55 and up say they visit YouTube for music-related content at least once a week," it stated. This large potential audience will help boost sales for Eventbrite.

"We're excited to further the power of video discovery on YouTube to bring artists and fans together and continue supporting those connections through live shows," stated YouTube in the blog post.

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