Your New Year's Digital Resolutions

What should you be doing in digital over the next 12 months?


We are coming to the point in the year when most of us will have broken our new year's resolutions. This could be that heavy Friday night or a pizza that you couldn’t resist one evening.

Therefore we have put together some more achievable new year's resolutions, especially for your digital work this year:

In 2015: I Will Not Overshare

In order to get the maximum impact of your digital work, it is important to not overshare. If you have a Twitter account that publishes every 10 minutes, then the amount of information that you are pumping from it will either be the same things repeatedly or meaningless content.

The way to look at it is that an average workday is 8 hours, which would mean that in any working day you would be sending around 50 tweets. In a working week this would be 250 tweets, is there really 250 things that happen in one week that is worth sharing that much?

We are often told that sharing on social media is the best thing to do, but the truth is that a balance needs to be struck between visibility and annoyance. 2015 should be the year that this point should be found.

In 2015: I Will Write More

This is a new years resolution that you should be looking at every single year.

When writing more, this should not just be filling the blog you have at work with more posts, but in general writing more across everything that you do. This could be creating your own blog or even starting your own novel.

The importance of this is that the more you write, the better you get. This means that you can put your thoughts on paper more effectively and can construct arguments considerably faster than you could do otherwise. You will make less mistakes, type quicker and give a better understanding to your audience.

In 2015: I Will Not Mislead

The scourge of content strategies today are the ‘clickbait’ articles.

These are the articles that I am sure that everybody has seen, the ones who have the eye grabbing headlines but lack any real content. Not only do they clog up space for other real content stories, but also devalue the websites who create them.

When we are looking around the internet today, if we are conned into reading an article that turns out to not be what it seems, we will be reluctant to go back to that website. This could happen to you.

If you create a story that has little to do with the headline, then you are likely to have the same reaction, people will ignore your future posts.

Make 2015 the year that you either stop, or simply do not start this practice.

In 2015: I Will Talk To More People

This is an important element of your digital life to think about.

By talking we mean conversations, rather than the typical corporate communications which tend to be all talk.

2015 needs to be the year that you start to have conversations with your customers, not simply bombarding them with what you want them to know. Imagine meeting somebody on the street and being talked at for hours without getting a word in, it would be exhausting. This same principle needs to be adapted to the way you talk to your customers.

Your customers will have something to say, which could be either positive or negative. Both require conversations, with the positive comments it is important to maintain the support they are showing you, whilst negative need to have their concerns rectified.

The companies who do this the best tend to be the companies who are most successful in their digital space.

In 2015: I Will Write Quality, Not Quantity

Your New Years Digital ResolutionsOften blogs, articles and white papers have the remit of needing to be a certain word count. What this can create is a diluted version of what that person is trying to say.

If you need only a few paragraphs to put your point across, it makes no sense to need to fill the rest of the word count with meaningless fluff, something that we are increasingly seeing today.

It is important to note that what you write needs to be concise and well thought out. This is something that takes time to get right, so you will ironically need to write more in order to write less.

Try to think about what your customer wants to see. Do they want to have a well thought out, concise article or something that is exactly 500 words?


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