Xiaomi hits 2018 sales target two months early

Xiaomi aimed to ship out 100 million phones in 2018 and has managed to hit the milestone in just 10 months


Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi shipped its 100 millionth smartphone on October 26, according to founder and CEO Lei Jun. Therefore, Xiaomi hit its 2018 target of shipping more than 10 million smartphones two months early.

The announcement was made at the Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing, China. Commonly referred to as the "Silicon Valley of China", Zhongguancun Science Park has been a hub for tech startups in the region, especially in the AI space and was where Lei Jun first founded Xiaomi back in 2010.

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Lei Jun thanked his team for their "continuous efforts in technological innovation and quality improvement over the years," crediting them for making the firm the fastest growing firm in domestic markets.

Recent reports cited Xiaomi to now have an 8.8% market share of the regions smartphone industry, as it and other Chinese-bred firms like Huawei and Oppo have gained significant ground on established smartphone brands such as Apple and Samsung which in turn, has seen its smartphone dominance reduce in the region.

Xiaomi shipped 90 million units over the course of 2017 and used this number to inform its target of a 10% increase in 2018. Having hit this target in October, this serves as another indicator of how successful a year the firm has had.

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