Investing in the latest digital marketing trends is key for startup success

Artificial intelligence has made a splash in the world of digital marketing


There is a lot that an entrepreneur needs to take care of when launching their first startup as the road to making a startup successful has many hurdles. You may face challenges at every step, from making business budgets and chalking out growth plans, to negotiating with partners. Online marketing should be one of your top priorities, it is a daunting task and you ought to be prepared well for it.

The online market is laden with stiff competition. You are not the only start-up trying to establish an identity for yourself. That is why you need to put your best foot forward when carrying out a digital advertising strategy. This way, you can potentially draw the maximum customer base and enjoy a high ROI. If you are lost as to where you should begin, here are some of the key digital marketing trends which can help you get started.

Efficiency of chatbots

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) has given rise to chatbots. A chatbot is a computer program which effectively engages with the target audience by welcoming them into a conversation on the company's website or other platforms. Today, several brands have used this technology to enhance customer service and turnaround time, which results in increased customer delight.

Chatbots can be useful in substituting jaded forms and content to develop leads. A brand can gain or lose a potential customer in the first 5 minutes and since chatbots can respond within that five minutes of a customer inquiry, it has streamlined customer-to-brand interaction. For your startup, this is the difference between losing a potential customer to another market player or closing a sale.

In 2018, chatbots function as a vital online marketing tool, especially when a company wants to push leads further down the sales funnel. Hence, go ahead and integrate chatbots into your websites and social media pages.

The process of lifecycle marketing

Lifecycle marketing is where a buyer is in complete control. It is the process of generating the appropriate marketing strategy that concentrates on incorporating a vast range of interactive marketing channels such as developing referral campaigns by resorting to tools such as Viral-Loops, a referral marketing platform. The primary task here is to cover all potential avenues that can enable you to connect with your consumers.

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Startups face a challenge here in their capacity to automate a consumer’s journey. Few demand instant response to their queries and issues, so make sure this aspect of your marketing strategy is functional 24x7. That is where you can count on an expert SEO consulting firm to help you out.

Influencer marketing

The relevance and demand for influencer marketing are likely to expand and influencers are aware of this. With the rising demand, the requirement to evaluate KPIs and ROI will become paramount. Hence, expect popular influencer marketing platforms such as, Mention, Rep and TapInfluence to offer you and successful brands advanced software and tools that can help track your ROI and KPI.

Furthermore, influencer marketing will lead to another development. The need to have strict FTC rules and policies. We are aware that FTC is keeping track of the influencer marketing campaigns of brands that do not adhere to its guidelines. Hence, you have to do two things here. First, make sure that your influencer is perfect for your brand and target customers. Second, ensure that the influencer is aware of and follows the FTC guidelines.


The demand for video is likely to grow at a staggering rate in 2018. In fact, digital media experts say that about 80% of the content will be video-based by the year 2020. Customers today detest being force-fed information that they are not interested in. It works in educating customers about a particular product or service in an entertaining manner. 

That is why startups can opt for branded entertainment videos, it can help them work on a storyline and address the concerns of the customers at large. The other trend that is popular here is integrating videos into social networking platforms. Despite YouTube being a leader in video content, today Instagram and Facebook are also said to be catching up.

Research shows that Facebook videos generate 135% more organic views than pictures. Most Instagram users today are opting for Instagram Stories more than images even though it disappears after 24 hours.

Native advertising

Native marketing is only meant for blogs, today, more people are using smartphones to access the internet. It paves the path for increased native ads to pop up in mobile applications and multiple platforms. Some of the popular trending apps comprise of Waze that features numerous establishments and stores on its maps.

In 2018 you can expect that most of the published native ads will be on user-developed content. Similar to influencer marketing, resorting to user-generated content in the type of polls and surveys can assist brands to connect with their customers and generate trust. Furthermore, similar to influencer marketing, startup owners can also expect increased strict FTC policies with regards to the using native ads on various platforms.

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