Women tech leaders out-earn men for the first time

New research has discovered that the gender pay gap in tech leaders has "almost disappeared" over the last five years, while representation continues to trail behind


For the first time ever, female technology leaders are out-earning their male counterparts, research from recruitment firm Odgers Berndtson has found.

What's more, the study of almost 1,000 job searches starting from 2015 established that top-level female executives doubled their salary from $160,000 in 2013 to an average of nearly $432,000 today. Additionally, the company found that the disparity between gender pay at this level has "almost disappeared" over the last five years.

Mike Drew, head of global tech practices at Odgers Berndtson, remarked: "We are delighted with the progress made over the past five years for women in top commercial roles with global technology companies. We hope this is just the start of far greater diversity."

Despite great strides being made to bridge the gender pay gap, the research also discovered that number of women in the highest-paid roles remains significantly lower than men. Though this area has seen improvement too, as the number of women placed in top roles, such as CFO or CIO, rose from 9% to 17% between 2015–18 while the number of female candidates in leadership roles rose to 20% from 11% over the same period.

The findings reflect a "strong demand" for female leaders to enhance gender representation in tech companies in order to remain competitive.

"Having a team with different backgrounds and different experiences that can provide different opinions allows you to be creative in solving problems," Sash Sunkara, co-founder of Rackware and female leader told us in an exclusive interview. "To really compete against the bigger players, you need to be creative and think outside the box and solve problems in a different way. A diverse workforce allows you to do that."

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