Why You Need An iOS App In Development For Your Business

An app is essential to any business hoping to make an impact in the modern world. The question invariably becomes: iOS or Android?


The modern technology scenario demands every business have at least a dedicated website, social profile, and smartphone app. Smartphones are used all over the world and have become a mainstay in both our personal and professional lives. As a developer designing a business app, you might be in a dilemma over which platform to choose- iOS or Android. Each has its own benefits, but there are, in fact, good reasons for you to pick iOS first.

More clients willing to pay

Android users might make up 75% of the smartphone market, but extensive studies reveal Apple still prevails in terms of clients’ paying capacity. iPhone users are simply more willing to spend on an app than their Android counterparts. The average cost of an Android app on the Play Store is $3.79, compared to the iOS App Store average of $2.01, which means the base of paying clients is wider. They are also more willing to spend on in-app purchases.

Unparalleled consumer experience

Almost all iOS users are happy with the platform, which makes it perfect for your business app. Apple has established a legacy of combining great hardware with solid software and providing end-to-end customer support; things that most Android users miss out on. The experience with Android apps is inconsistent at best across all devices that use the platform, but iOS apps work seamlessly and always provide a great UX-UI blend.

Guaranteed high security

While developing a mobile application for business, a company would have to pick a platform that has amazing features and provides maximum security to all its users. In this context, you must know that iPhone users have no fear of external threats as such. iOS would be providing a robust shield and protection from malware and viruses, thus making it the perfect and the most competent pick for the app developer of your business. 

Easy access to a tech-savvy audience

It is vital for any business to attract the attention of new customers for the purpose of boosting sales. The iPhone has, since its launch, been attracting tech-savvy audiences. A nicely-developed iPhone application could help businesses boost their reach. Designing and developing an iOS app could be an effective and innovative way of presenting your business or company, which in turn can boost your brand's recognition.

Helps you to expand your business to developed countries’ markets

Every business or company aspires to expand beyond national boundaries and penetrate foreign markets, especially the markets of the developed nations of the world. In this context, iPhones are pretty popular across developed nations such as the U.K. and the U.S.A. Meaning, if you have an iPhone app, it would enable your business to expand its foothold in other nations. Because of the immense popularity of iPhones in such nations, your company will have a good opportunity to establish a niche in their market.

The Apple ecosystem

The sole reason for the existence of your business app is to provide better customer service. If your app is enjoyable and highly intuitive, the customers will be pleased and willing to use it. While the closed system provided by Apple has been the object of envy and criticism from many over the years, most end users agree that the regulated environment makes for a fantastic experience. All these things make your app more desirable and should put iOS firmly on top of your list of target platforms.


The image of iOS, as well as the supportive devices such as iPhone and the iPad, are making it invariably vital to boost business sales and increase productivity. Investing cleverly in this platform could be a smart choice for any business oriented application.


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