Why You Need A Content Strategy

Those who don't plan ahead are planning to fail


The phrase content is king has never been more true than today.

With the amount of content that people can create and the demand for it from their customers, it is not surprising that we have seen a huge increase in the number of articles, videos and blogs that are being created on a daily basis.

This is both a blessing and curse though, as the more content that is created, the more competition there is for yours to be seen.

Many people try to counter this by simply creating more than their competitors, regardless of the quality, whilst the opposite should really be their focus.

Creating content that is well researched, engaging and interesting is not only a case of hiring the best writers, it is about creating a content strategy that works for your company and your customers and this is not something that can be done on an ad-hoc basis.

In order to make this the case, it needs to be well planned and executed through a coherent and robust strategy.

It is vital that there is a linear plan in place to make sure that content stays on point, but also allows for flexibility to allow for hot topics to be included within the planning. If this is not the case and the strategy does not allow for new ideas and content to be created, by the end of the plan, the content may be outdated and irrelevant, leaving you behind competitors who have managed to stay more on point.

However, if the strategy becomes too short term, never looking beyond one or two weeks, then it is unlikely to develop themes, meaning that it ends up being snippets of information about certain subjects at certain times, without having a holistic view of any particular area.

This means that the strategy needs to carefully planned in order to fulfil the needs of both the customer and the business, something that is not simple, especially if it is being planned in an annual cycle.

It is why companies are increasingly looking for those with a journalistic background to join their teams, because they are the people who are likely to not only have experience in planning, but also to have the knowledge of what people want to read. Being an effective content creator in today’s world is about more than just knowing your subject, it involves knowing how to write about the subject and how to plan months ahead to make sure that you are not just creating content for content’s sake.

Being able to create a strategy like this is not something that can be done on the back of a napkin over a single meeting. It needs to be thoroughly discussed with the needs of different departments being incorporated into any plan. Ultimately your content is not only about getting people to look at your page, it needs to have an ultimate goal, be that in educating people, entertaining or compelling them to action. If this is not the case then people will quickly switch off.

Being able to plan this kind of work is essential to its success. Those who plan badly could see a negative effect, those who don’t plan at all are planning to fail. 


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