​Why The Medical Marijuana Industry Could Be The Next Big Investment Market To Watch

Marijuana may help the medical industry turn over a new leaf


Medical marijuana has been the topic of many political and ethical debates, with both sides presenting compelling arguments as to why medical marijuana should or shouldn't be prescribed in order to curb the effects of degenerative diseases. Whichever side one might find themselves on, it's becoming increasingly obvious that the medical marijuana industry is now an industry that's well worth investing in. In fact, just last year the medical marijuana industry went up by 17% to a total of $5.4 billion. The industry is set to increase by another 25% this year as well.

This increase in business has not come without consequence. The FDA still maintains that foods and supplements that contain a chemical found in cannabis are not to be sold, even while small companies challenge this ruling and continue to sell their products.

While this would seem like a large hindrance to some, the medical marijuana industry has actually been seeing a boom in business, either because of or in spite of the FDA findings. The old adage 'all publicity is good publicity' comes immediately to mind.

One of the reasons that medical marijuana has been so heavily favored is that it provides the same or similar results that you might find in prescribed pharmaceuticals, without the exorbitant costs. For instance, cannabis oil has been shown to dramatically reduce the tremors that a Parkinson's disease sufferer had to endure on a daily basis.

Even with the increased knowledge and support of medical marijuana, the industry hasn't yet been able to break into major retailers such as GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. It's mostly been confined to small dispensaries as a result of pressure from the FDA.

Even with all of the benefits of medical marijuana in practice, there are still plenty of detractors and reasons why the industry could be challenged. Many dispensaries are facing the challenge of either labeling their products as hemp cannabidiol (CBD) and risking interference by the FDA, or dropping the name and branding that their products actually contain hemp stalk oil. This ingredient is also being challenged, so it's more of a temporary solution for the time being.

The greatest chance that dispensaries have to successfully market and sell their product is to differentiate their natural ingredient from the synthetic chemicals that regulatory agencies are pursuing.

The moral status of the industry is really the best way to determine the future of this growing industry. A full 62% of Americans live in a state that offers medical marijuana products to be sold in dispensaries.

Some argue that marijuana should be treated like a food instead of a drug. The argument here is a compelling one. The body actually uses CB1 and CB2 receptors that exist solely to uptake cannabinoids. If these cannabinoids aren't gotten through your regular diet, then your body will manufacture them on its own.

Along with its ability to help with tremors as a result of Parkinson's disease, this has been shown to be cytotoxic to breast cancer, and it also reduces the amount of nausea a patient going through chemotherapy will have. It's also been known to stimulate the appetite of patients dealing with HIV or AIDS.

From an economic standpoint, there are a variety of reasons why it's a good idea to invest in the industry. When all components of the manufacture are taken into account, it costs about $1,000 for a pound of marijuana which can then be sold for roughly $3,000. Removing the cannabinoids in order to get 100% cannabis oil.

Despite earlier attempts to curb the production and sale of medical marijuana, the industry has only taken off in recent years. As states increasingly allow for the substances to be sold legally for medical purposes, it's only natural for savvy investors to take advantage and capitalize on this. Along with being good for business, this is an industry that has verifiable results as to the benefits that come along with this substance.

The previous moral argument of marijuana being a drug and so necessarily illegal isn't holding up as much once the effects of this substance are shown to the public. Crucially, the fact that cannabinoids are found naturally in the body shows that CBD and other compounds are safe, effective, and profitable.

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