Why SLAM will be the biggest trend in development

Virtual reality and augmented reality are definitely two of the biggest trends in technology, either from a technical point of view and from a business one


Virtual reality is definitely something that is looked after by every single tech titan: from Apple to Amazon, through to Google. In fact, we've seen many different venture branches focusing on the matter, especially given the fact that the hardware is pretty much almost ready to handle these on a more mass-friendly level. Let's analyze in detail why SLAM is the biggest challenge within the field, given the fact that many new apps and pieces of software will be presented in the next couple of years.

Simultaneous localization and mapping: What is that?

SLAM is a piece of technology that is able to create a high-quality image of the surrounding environment to then translate it into a digital one, boosting the user experience if the data has been translated from the real world into the digital one and boosting the quality of the image if done the other way (for example, when processing maps or other field data).

SLAM is currently used in a very embryonic form in gaming apps like VR Chat and in Tesla's autopilot, where the algorithm processes the outside's data in order to react quickly in case of danger.

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Mobile application

Many Android App Development companies stepped into the field by heavily investing in resources, developers and tools in order to create a better functioning environment where they would have been able to develop the perfect SLAM based app. Given the fact that smartphones have peaked an incredibly high level of hardware power, the difficulty now stands with creating an app that is able to connect the idea behind having a SLAM oriented app to the current hardware level. Now, before this will happen, we must understand the fact that, generally, these apps will be focused on the gaming sphere of development, which means that the overall user experience must be close to perfection.

Market value

SLAM is heavily targeted by triple-A companies (as mentioned above) like Apple, Google and Amazon, for now just from an entertainment point of view. This is due to the fact that peripherals like Oculus, HTC Vive and Playstation VR are the ones which are offering the best and highest quality VR experience, removing the simple floor algorithm that was used before them. With that said, the market value of this technology is immense, especially since it might eventually become the industry standard (cinemas, tv and such could soon be VR oriented, which is very exciting)

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