Why Now Is The Time To Add Cannabis Investments To Your Portfolio

Cannabis technology, cryptocurrency and stocks remain hot items


The growth of medical and recreational cannabis, particularly the cultivation of CBD, has the cannabis market poised for a boost that investors should look out for.

Currently, the supplements for pets industry is a $30 billion market. Pet owners are fully embracing pet CBD products. This year marked the beginning of legal recreational use in the state of California, and ever since, dispensaries and cannabis cultivators have placed serious emphasis on how to heal pets.

However, due to Federal law, veterinarians can’t prescribe cannabis to pets. 

California Assemblyman, Ash Kalra, is planning to change this by introducing a bill that will allow veterinarians to prescribe cannabis.

Meanwhile, more than 1,000 miles to the north, another shift in the market is taking place in the Canadian medical cannabis industry.

The most recent data shows that Canadian applications to grow marijuana reached close to 500 - the most in the country’s history. Legislation to legalize cannabis is expected to pass in Canada this year.

With these nuggets of information in mind, there are a few cannabis investments you will want to make right now. This way, you can watch those investments increase in value as the legal pieces settle. The legal pieces are far from settled, as real estate investments in medical marijuana states create ambiguous legal rights for landlords wanting to evict due to marijuana use.

However, legal ambiguity aside, investment potential remains strong.

CannaRoyalty (CRZ) is a company that is integral to Cannabis investments that fund the cannabis market, particularly in Canada and California. Their portfolio includes vape pen manufacturers, edible cultivators, and cannabis distributors.

MedMen is a company that owns high-yield dispensaries and storefronts in Las Vegas, California and New York. The company made an announcement to go public recently and is a hot stock to get in on the ground floor.

In terms of cutting-edge financial ventures, news broke this week that links cannabis and cryptocurrency. CERES Coin announced that it filed paperwork to open a $20 million ICO that will use blockchain technology for legal cannabis purchases. This technology will continuously become integrated with the growth of the cannabis market, making it a great investment, along with Uber-like companies that will specialize in marijuana delivery.

Cannabis cryptocurrency is also here to stay, in the form of PotCoin, HempCoin, and other tokens and ICOs that are hitting the market. Investors are licking their cops when taking a look at the stock market as well.

If you’re looking to invest in some cheap cannabis stocks, experts are currently banging the drums about some current low-cost options that anyone can jump on right now. Some of these must-buy cannabis stocks include Cannabis Wheaton (CBW), which provides financial solutions for the cannabis industry, Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS), which specializes in cannabis pharmaceuticals, and Global Cannabis Application Corp. (FUAPF), which specializes in cannabis growth.

There’s a lot of leverage to be gained investing in the cannabis industry right now, as we’re moving toward a sweet spot. It’s important to remain abreast of cannabis news to help guide your investment strategy.


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