Why Internal Business Apps For Mobile Are No Longer A 'Nice to Have', But An Essential

Using apps as productivity tools is now the norm


We are just a month away from the tenth anniversary of the first generation iPhone - the phone that started the smartphone revolution and made mobile apps a part of our daily lives. At first, there was a lot of excitement about the possibilities iOS and Android apps could offer, and businesses raced to be in the first wave to offer apps to their customers. Now, of course, just about everybody has a smartphone, and they have become an important part of how most people work.

Apps in Business Have Become an Essential

Using apps as productivity tools is no longer an innovative thing to do, but the norm. It is no surprise, then, that apps used within businesses have become more and more important, and at this point, it is safe to say that businesses who are not using apps to connect their teams' mobile devices to their infrastructure are very much behind the times.

Bespoke Business Apps

For many businesses, the specific requirements they have to allow an app to fit in with their internal processes and procedures, means that an out of the box solution isn't quite right. Businesses have therefore sought out their own custom apps, designed to work within the IT environment they already have, to give their staff more flexibility, convenience and ease of working. Apps like these can allow people to, for example, report expenses while on the go, report tech issues and track them, work collaboratively with other team members, and all kinds of other good things that promote efficiency and increase productivity.

Bespoke app design is as important as the design of any other systems that underpin business operations, and many companies have invested in working on their apps in-house, or hiring app development companies. The benefits can be mundane, for instance making some HR processes simpler, or can be business changing, but a well thought out app project almost always improves the business.

SAP Fiori

For businesses that run SAP, the introduction of SAP Fiori in 2013 was a real game changer. Fiori makes it possible for SAP connected apps to be run across desktop, mobile and tablet environments, effectively making the SAP modules used by businesses easy to integrate into their mobile strategies. The possibilities with Fiori are huge, and when combined with bespoke development too, it can be used to dramatically speed up and streamline almost any processes reliant on SAP within a business. Companies with expertise in Fiori, like Mindset SAP Consulting, have helped countless businesses realize the potential of SAP with mobile.

Of course, not all businesses actually need to develop their own apps or implement things like Fiori, and there are thousands of apps already available and ready to go that promise business benefits. If your business hasn't yet considered making the use of apps internally something you oversee and formalize, though, there is a good chance this is something your competitors are beating you at. 


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