Why every small business now needs an app

Here's Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App


If you own or run a small business and think that the call to get a mobile app for your operation is just 'another fad' then you need to rethink your stance and act quickly.

Having a website is no longer good enough since growing numbers of online activity is moving toward mobile phones.

It cannot be stressed enough that a business without a smartphone application is missing out on a crucially important marketing tool and small business owners need to respond.

The statistics for mobile phone use show that users are not just checking emails but doing their shopping, ordering pizza, watching TV shows and, increasingly, using mobile apps for a variety of purposes.

This shift means that for businesses of all sizes, mobile apps are now a key way to reach customers. This includes small businesses as well.

Appreciate app marketing to achieve success

By creating a mobile app, a small business will be able to boost the engagement of its customers, increase visits to the firm’s website and enjoy an increase in online sales transactions but they need to appreciate app marketing to achieve that success.

One way of increasing customer loyalty and interaction is to use promotions effectively by delivering coupons or loyalty cards to help build sales.

A mobile app will also increase the interaction between customer and the business itself. Indeed, customers are looking for a speedy response to a query which helps build customer loyalty and which will boost the business’s brand.

However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for a small business in getting a mobile app is that they believe it's going to be more difficult and more expensive to achieve than it actually is.

Small firms will also be worried about how to build an app that will work on the different platforms their customers are using such as Android, iOS and Windows.

Consider app marketing

There are also worries about whether to build a static mobile app or a dynamic one and then having to come up with an original design - small businesses do not have the expertise or experience, or indeed the time, to build an app for themselves and then consider app marketing London to ensure customers use it.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of firms offering a low-cost way to create and test mobile phone applications.

These apps can be built with a wide range of suitable features which include offering coupons and also offering a blog feed to update customers about the firm’s latest news and offerings.

Once the mobile app has been created, testing is also important; research shows that customers who encounter a bug with the app will, in 40% of cases, abandon it.

However, in the rush to source and then develop a mobile app, it's important that a small business does not overlook the next most important issue and that's to consider marketing their product effectively; again, there are agencies with lots of experience who can do this successfully to ensure that the investment is repaid handsomely.

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