Why CFO Rising West will be unmissable

What CFO Rising West will uncover for the modern CFO and why it will be unmissable


Over the past 10 years, the role of the CFO has evolved dramatically, moving away from being the leader of a siloed department, to a strategic business partner in all aspects of the company.

CFO Rising West is back in San Francisco on October 17–18, 2018, to address all the challenges that are currently facing a modern CFO, addressing the opportunities they have to lead their organizations.

One of the hottest topics for discussion will be the new technologies that are set to change the role further still, with a particular focus on automation which many fear will lead to mass redundancies. McKinsey recently estimated that 70% of businesses will use AI and that robots will replace 800 million jobs by 2030, erasing some of the more repetitive jobs.

"The World Economic Forum talks about a skills revolution and with this comes a raft of new opportunities" stated Kathryn Sharrett, CFO of Financial Services Compensation Scheme during the CFO Rising Europe Summit. "The face of finance is changing. Existing finance roles will morph and instead we will see a focus on independent thinking, values and team work, as the repetitive/routine is replaced by automation."

Check if you are eligible for free entry to the must-attend event for finance leaders, CFO Rising West in San Francisco, on October 17–18, 2018. Tickets start from $1,695 or are free for first-time attendees eligible for a VIP Pass. Apply with this simple form here: http://bit.ly/2pF2U0B

CFO Rising West will address how CFOs and their teams can develop the skills to survive in a future where automation is a-given. Day One will open with a vigorous panel discussion on AI, RPA and Innovative Tech Tools for the Present-day CFO with Sas Mukherjee, CFO, EVP & chief strategy officer at York Risk Services Group and Claire Grosjean, director of program management at SVB Financial Group.

Another issue that will need addressing is the CFOs role in responding to the political economy, in particular tariffs and trade wars. "We live in a time of the 'political economy'," said Ben Chu, economics editor at The Independent. "In the current climate, any economic outlook that fails to include geopolitics and the potential spill-over affects has a very doubtful value."

US President Donald Trump's threats of trade wars, for example, threaten to destabilize the global economy. Assuming a 10-point increase in tariffs on US trade over the next three years and possible retaliation from other nations, the Bank of England has predicted a loss of 2.5% from global growth. This would mean a loss of more than 5% from US GDP, with just under 2% in the UK and around 2.2% for the Eurozone.

Day one of CFO Rising West will feature a panel on The CFOs Response to Tariffs and Trade Wars with Ryan Quattlebaum, CFO at Adventist Health and Michael Montagano, CFO at Mopro, tackling how the CFO can be ready for constant political disruption.

Additionally, CFO Rising West will feature numerous rigorous debates on how CFOs can embrace this new role of strategist, in areas from sustainability, corporate culture, and driving digitization and new technology adoption.

Featuring presentations from finance leaders at Samsung, TiVo, Yahoo, Nike and many more, CFO Rising West will provide a thorough two-day experience for high-level finance executives, plus up to 12 NASBA credits. Check out the full agenda and book tickets HERE.

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