What You Don’t Know About SEO Will Hurt You

In today's digital world, understanding the do's and don'ts of SEO is imperative to your website's success


It’s amazing to think that in 2018 many companies still neglect search engine optimization as a valuable aspect of their marketing efforts. Instead, they plow forward with worn-out tactics and inevitably fall behind the ever-adapting pack of front-running businesses. And the companies benefiting the most from their SEO strategies are those that change and react –– frequently. So even if you think your business has a handle on its SEO implementation, there are always new depths to plumb and new opportunities to exploit. On that note, here are a few key things to keep in mind next time your company decides to rework their SEO:

Ads Can Only Get You So Far

Many companies rely on paid advertisements on platforms like Facebook and Google to generate leads. And while paying for AdWords or other similar features isn’t a bad strategy in and of itself, it should be just one facet of a larger digital marketing plan, and is incomplete without proper SEO to bolster it. The truth is plenty of people simply skip over ads and don’t take them seriously, and only a fraction of those who click on ads have genuine interest in that product or service. Furthermore, relying too heavily on ads will make a sizeable dent in your budget.

Geography Matters

For certain companies, location is everything. Especially given the seemingly unchecked rise of mobile phone internet searches, ranking high on Google is essential if locally oriented businesses are to thrive. This fact affects businesses across industries from restaurants and hair salons to doctors and lawyers. If your local SEO isn’t geared toward winning customers in your own backyard, it’s hard to imagine gaining much ground elsewhere.

Avoid Keyword Saturation

Once upon a time –– that actually wasn’t so long ago –– it was common practice for companies to stuff blog posts, ads, and other content with a specific keyword in an attempt to achieve a higher ranking on a search engine. For example: consider a manufacturing company trying to sell a very specific service or product, in this instance, a pharmacy POS system. Back then, a company might have produced content that looked like this: 'A pharmacy POS system is essential to running a quality pharmacy. Pharmacy POS systems are vital to your success. Every drug store needs a quality pharmacy POS system.' Not very subtle, is it? Instead, if you need to accentuate a certain keyword or phrase, optimize it sparingly. Overloading blog posts with keywords will lower your rankings on Google, and turn off your human readers.

Keep Your Ear to the Ground

SEO is a complex game to play –– especially since Google likes to change the rules from time to time. So what works one day for your business, might prove ineffective or even illegal in the future. However, the rewards for staying diligent in perfecting your company’s SEO are huge –– you just have to put the effort in.


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