​What To Expect In Auto Tech This Year

2017 will bring long awaited auto tech advancements


Technological innovations have been rampant in the car industry since its beginning. Every year the public is introduced to new, innovative ways that manufacturers mean to keep them safe, entertained, or comfortable while driving their vehicles. With the dawn of 2017, you may be considering what amazing new technology to be on the lookout for. So, here are a few of the new technologies you might see some time this year.


Self-driving cars have been in the works for some time now. With companies like Google, Tesla, and now Chrysler working diligently on making this dream a reality. Though none of these companies has released full versions of this prototype technology to the public, it is safe to say that they are getting close. Chrysler is building several Pacificas to test Google’s technology this upcoming year, and the tests should produce some outstanding results. Many of the 2017 vehicles already come equipped with portions of this autonomous technology. Cars now help prevent you from colliding with another vehicle, help you stay in your lane, or even drive themselves on the highway.

Chatty Cars

With cars that drive themselves, it is a very obvious step to make sure that they can communicate with each other. Like traditional cars are communicated by the use of turn signals and brake lights, new cars will communicate by transmitting signals directly to one another’s computer system by using onboard WiFi. Cadillac is producing this new system in their 2017 CTS Sports Sedan. The vehicle-to-vehicle communication will enhance the driver’s ability to make decisions while in the vehicle, these can be related to traffic, weather, and route planning. Cadillac’s system will even read traffic lights to let the driver know how long before they get a green light. This type of technology will help prevent accidents and may also reduce highway gas mileage.

Virtually Understood

Teaching someone to drive can be an immensely stressful endeavor. If you are a parent who is dreading the day you have to start teaching your child how to drive, you may be in luck. Due to innovations like virtual reality, and the realistic feel of game mechanics in 2017, you may want to look out for an online driving course in your state. Online driving courses teach students the 'ins and outs' of the driving experience without them being able to crash your car. These courses are not games like Grand Theft Auto. Instead, they are in-depth virtual learning sessions designed to help someone not only understand the laws but also how to be a safe driver.

It’s Electrifying

The revolution of the electric car is beginning to emerge. Several brands are now following the footsteps of Tesla and creating entirely electric cars. The Chevrolet Bolt is currently at the top of the consumer list because of its impressive driving range and lower price. Kia and Volkswagen have also released electric vehicles, and it's worth checking them out too. Electric cars can save you a great deal of money if you have a daily commute to work that cost you a ton in gas expenses.

Partially electric cars may also be something worth keeping an eye out for. A vehicle with an electric rear axle is less costly than a true four-wheel drive and still adds much-needed assistance in certain conditions.

2017 does look as a promising year for motorists who love cool technology. Driving is dangerous and it is great to see that soon, it can be made a little safer. Remember, roads are hazardous - be safe, and buckle up.

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