​What Sets a Startup Apart From the Rest?

It's not being on Shark Tank


Thousands of startups are popping up each year, ranging from mobile startups to new online communities, networks and resources. Launching a successful startup that stands apart from the rest is possible with enough hard work, persistence and a dedication to the art of branding, marketing and appealing to specific demographics.

Visual Appeal

Visual appeal is necessary with the rapid growth in the number of startups and new brands available to all demographics today. Understanding the importance of a well-branded company is essential in order to stand out among other competitors in the same field who are not as design-savvy or oriented.

Working with professional graphic designers, web designers and programmers is a way to ensure you are reaching any audience you have in mind without the challenges of making an impact with your logo, color choices or the overall usability of your official website. Hiring a SEO company is also a way to quickly boost website rankings within search engines while allowing you to quickly connect with a specific audience or demographic, whether local, regional or even international.

Make sure that you set your self apart visually. You don't want to stray too far out of your niche unwritten standards, but you also don't want to just 'look like all the other professionals." Creating a clean professional looking website like this, could either be bad or good depending on your niche. Look at what your competition is doing, reverse engineer why they brand the way they do and figure out how you can improve upon it.

Connecting With Customers

Connecting with customers is another way for new and seasoned entrepreneurs to expand their brand while standing apart from the rest when creating a new startup. Having the ability to communicate without a corporate tone of voice is also recommended when in need of building real and long-lasting relationships with customers and potential clients.

Using a genuine voice is a way to appeal to those who are tired of the corporate look and feel, and are seeking startups and companies to get behind who are loyal and supportive of their own customers and clientele.


Providing quality products, services and content is another way to guarantee your brand and startup has the ability to stand out and apart from the rest. When you offer high-quality products and service, it is much easier to build a positive reputation professionally yourself, and also as a company.

Consistency and Dedication

This is by far the most important thing to apply to just about everything in life. Nothing good comes easily. That is simply the truth. Most startups begin with a lot of fire, but dwindle out as things don't always go as planned. Just remember : "The best money you will make is always on the whiteboard." Meaning, you can plan and research all you want and things may look like they are sure to succeed without a hitch, but that's rarely, if ever, how it happens in reality. Plan on re-planning, and plan on failure. Make the decision now that failure is not going to be a road block, but a stepping stone and catalyst for learning and nailing down what is going to work.

Updating social media accounts, official websites and the content you provide with your startup consistently is a great way to stand out from the crowd, especially if you are building a startup in a highly-competitive market. Dedicating time to updates, new content and services or products is a way for you to appeal to a larger group of individuals by offering a variety for any audience.

Niche Marketing And Proper Promotion

Niche marketing can also help keep your startup company standing out from the rest of the competition in your field. When you choose to market to niche audiences or demographics, you can do so by pinpointing selective keywords, phrases and specific blogs or online communities you want to advertise on that will likely appeal to those who have the most genuine interest in your brand and what it has to offer.

Almost every business can benefit from web traffic and SEO rankings for applicable KWs that imply buyer intent inline with a business product. Great content is a big part of that. Content marketing is something I have written about before because it is so effective. Even better than good content is applicable interactive content that provides value - a simple popular example is an apartment rental rate calculator. Easily linked to, easily shareable, provides value and generates leads.

Basically a home run.

Whatever your startup may be, make sure you brainstorm and plan content as part of your marketing scheme.

Niche marketing is also a quick method of boosting the number of fans and followers you have online with the use of newsletters, social media marketing as well as by allowing users to register as member of your own website or online network.

Properly promoting your startup with the use of ads on blogs and similar websites to your own is another way to stand out from the crowd. Understanding how to stand out with the use of design when launching new advertising campaigns can help to drastically increase the number of clicks you receive any time you are marketing a product, service or an entire startup.

Knowing how to help your current startup to stand apart in any market or industry is a way to ensure you are on the path to success in any market. Taking the time to market online, locally and with the use of proper branding is a way to captivate your desired audience and consumer market regardless of surrounding competition.


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