What's Next For Mobile Smart Devices

Looking towards the future


While smartphones themselves have become ubiquitous in tech culture, companies continue to compete over who can make better, unique features that appeal to consumers. The next generation of mobile smart devices (specifically smartphones and tablets) have a lot of great, brag-worthy features. Your next phone and/or your next tablet could have iris recognition in addition to a fingerprint sensor, 12-megapixel front and rear cameras, a split screen mode for optimal multitasking, a display with HD resolution, a screen that is flexible like a bike tire, big data solutions built right in. It could have even more integration options with external hardware devices such as keyboards, wearable devices like the Apple Watch, and other smart devices like cars and bikes. Here are the features broken down by the individual devices:

The Next Generation of Smartphones

Apple iPhone 7

Both industry experts and consumers have a lot of expectations for the next iPhone. Because so many headphones can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth technology, and also because the Lightning connector doubles as a connection to a power source as well as a connector to headphones, the original headphone jack might disappear. Additional features could possibly include waterproofing and new ways to utilize the fiercely popular 3D Touch display as well as the next Apple Watch.

Samsung Galaxy S7

In addition to waterproofing, larger batteries, and a microSD card slot, the next generation of the Galaxy smartphone is expected to have a 360-degree camera that will connect with the company’s virtual reality headsets.

HP Elite X3

Think of this as a contraption Windows 10 on a phone. The device will be able to do virtually anything a laptop can, plus if the display is too small it can connect to external hardware such as a computer monitor, a keyboard, or a mouse. All Windows Store apps will be accessible.

Cat S60 Thermal Camera Phone

A waterproof, shock-proof, heat-proof, dust and salt-proof Android smartphone for either your everyday klutz or for anyone trying to, for example, track down a lost pet in a woods. This next generation smartphone can be dropped from 1.8 meters and submerged in water up to 5 meters.

The Next Generation of Tablets

iPad Pro 2 / Mini

Rumors contradict themselves when it comes to Apple’s next tablet. Some say that the new incarnation will be the third version of the iPad Air, but most industry experts appear to agree that it will be a smaller or 'mini' version of the iPad Pro. With this generation will come a 9.7-inch frame, a 12-megapixel rear camera, quad speakers, and the now standard Apple Pencil, Smart Connector, and support for the Smart Keyboard cover. At the front will be an HD camera for picture perfect FaceTime-ing.

Nexus 7

The next Nexus generation will merge Google’s new Chrome operating system with the Android system, and have a 7-inch display. Said display will have a new split screen mode. This mode will operate universally with whatever program or app is operating in the tablet. Additional features could include updated wireless radios, 4G, improved Wi-Fi connectivity, and a QHD panel (one step up from the high definition you know and love).

As smartphones and tablets get better, they continue to benefit people’s lives. Split screens enable quicker multi-tasking. Improved cameras and speakers bring out the photographers and artists in everyone. And thanks to flexible devices, unbreakable screens, and shock and waterproofing, consumers can worry less about protecting their fragile smart devices and just focus on having fun with them.


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