What Is Agile Marketing?

The new approach to marketing is taking off, but do you know what it is?


Agile marketing is a form of marketing that follows the same principles as agile software and web development. It allows you to work in teams, using sprint planning to allow for structured but flexible working.

A ‘scrum master’ sets the agenda for each week and manages the expectations of the client, meaning that the necessary tasks can be undertaken by those with the technical knowledge to perform it.

Through weekly marketing ‘scrums’ particular aspects of a marketing campaign can be targeted for the preceding 7 days, creating maximum impact at the best possible time. It also allows marketing teams to take advantage of market changes or take advantage of new products or offers.

It essentially allows marketing teams to be reactive and flexible towards the way they approach campaigns. Rather than needing to have long term goals with long strategies, it means that the goals can be set and short term aims to achieve this can be changed weekly.

The scrum process also allows for effective time management. With regular marketing approaches, it is often the case that one responsibility will take longer than others, meaning that they may become neglected and therefore not reach their full potential. With agile, because tasks are decided and planned every week, time management is much easier and no one area is neglected.

It is a process that companies are looking at, with several now claiming to use it. However, one of the main drawbacks of it is that it requires an in-depth knowledge of the processes within each task. To fully know how long one particular task will take requires a knowledge of having done the task several times before. This means that marketers may have become accustomed to other ways of working, meaning that change may be more difficult to implement.

It also means that tasks that may appear on the macro-scale, for instance a change that needs to be made that could take a few hours, can disrupt the weekly flow of tasks. The idea of the scrum master is to negate these as much as possible and sometimes pick up the slack when necessary, but the reality is that this is not always the case.

Despite these drawbacks, the idea behind agile marketing can create positive results for those using it. It is something that requires a different mindset to the way that marketing departments have traditionally worked, but through looking at it in the same way as a development team, the results can be astounding.

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