What Are The Underserved Aspects Of UX And UI Design?

We asked five experts which areas they feel need improvement


In today's digital world, the importance of UX and UI to a brand should never be underestimated. As the principal contact that most consumers have with brands, the website or app can have a significant impact on a businesses' sales, and indeed on customer satisfaction. 

Just like the technology it’s consumed on, it’s important that UX is constantly evolving to keep up with user expectations. If a great UX is what separates average products from brilliant ones, companies need to be ahead of the curve to have a chance of standing out and retaining their users. Yet there are still areas which are being underserved by developments in UX and UI. Ahead of the UX & UI Innovation Summit, we asked five UX/UI executives their opinion on what the industry can do to better serve consumers.

Leo Marti, Senior UX Designer, BBC Worldwide

UX is too often seen as a way to make a digital product easy and appealing to use. Unfortunately, people are often unaware that UX can also be a strategic tool that can help sharper a product vision and strategy. It balances the business' needed with the users' needs. I also think we still have a lot to learn about Design Leadership. UX is a very young discipline, and only a very few people have experience managing and scaling large design teams.

Vincenzo Zuccarello, Senior UX Architect, Aviva

I feel that currently financial services is still seen as a beast that takes money away from people but doesn’t give it back when they need it the most (i.e. when claiming). This is particularly true when proposition page are made shiny yet the claim aspect/process is still complicated and cumbersome to users.

Andru Dunn, Senior UI Developer, John Lewis

I think accessibility compliance is sadly still not part of every UI developers workflow, and as a community, those who don't are excluding a lot of people. It's part of the fabric of my day to day job, and I hope it becomes more of an expected standard.

Mark Shahid, Senior UX Architect, Sky Betting and Gaming

We're potentially missing good UX standards. In a world full of opinion and pushy boardroom meetings, UX-ers are being chased for guidelines and principles that they can gestate towards whenever they're put in an awkward defensive situation. Although we have ISO 9241 broadly covers usability standards (in a roundabout and expensive way), UX practitioners today still need a solid yardstick to measure the effects of their hard work by. We often claim we can cause bumps in the bottom line or even more smiley faces in the surveys but measuring success in a large organisation can be full of red tape and massive huge overhead. We're also missing CXOs. We need more really senior UX folk, in the boardroom, at the top, having those in-depth detailed strategy and vision conversations.

Tiago Marques, Senior UX Designer, Lloyds

Technology-wise, most banks are struggling with outdated IT. Because their legacy back-end systems often impose enormous constraints on what can be created or modified, it is very difficult for traditional banks to experiment with UX, and that reflects on the end customer experience. 

You can hear from many more leading UI and UX experts at the UX & UI Innovation Summit, taking place this June 12 - 13 in London. To see the full schedule, click here.

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