The pros and cons of white label taxi apps

On-demand booking app helps taxi businesses simplify the process of hailing a cab


Mobile application has become a way of communication between drivers and passengers. App developers develop an app in three parts (i.e., for owner, driver and passenger). During taxi app development, mobile app developers combine important features, as well as unique features as per the needs of the business. Increasing number of taxi businesses are moving toward customized mobile application as a part of their business, comprising unique features exclusively offered by the service provider, resulting in a better customer experience.

Why do taxi businesses need white label mobile apps?

A white label product often refers to the software application that is customized as per the branding for the seller. White label taxi apps allow a taxi business to provide a better service and help passengers book a cab, track a cab, and also manage taxi bookings in a few steps. Moreover, a taxi booking app can provide cashless payments or online payment services that help passengers travel cashless. Real-time tracking services are provided for both passengers and drivers. Such an app can also offer a review and rating service, allowing passengers to share their experience, which can help to develop a good company image.

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Advantages of white label app:

Short time to market

The biggest benefit of a white label app is its short time to market which offers a competitive advantage. White label products reduce time to market and also require less initial investment. Moreover, white label apps can be customized as per the need of the company.

Maintenance after release

The majority of mobile app development companies provide white label app support and maintenance services. This service involves looking after the app after it is released – updating code from time to time and making sure the app runs smoothly.

Disadvantages of white label app:

Availability of limited customization

White label apps can include limited features that can be customized in terms of color and labeling. A white label solution will not be of any use if the taxi business has a complex set of features. In such a case, the company needs to hire a developer or approach the app development company that can build an app from scratch.

Difficult to evaluate code quality

It is difficult to evaluate the code quality in a white label app, as the access to the backend is not provided. The taxi business has to depend on or trust the white label app provider in terms of quality of service, maintenance and service. Hence, there is no control over the quality of the code in the app.

High chances of rejection after submission to the app store

Both Google Play and Apple's App Store delete a lot of white label apps. Therefore, it can sometimes be risky for an app company to employ a white label app development option due to high chances of rejection.

White label apps offer an option for taxi businesses looking for taxi app development with limited investment. However, ensuring security, maintenance, and quality of an app remains an important factor in white label app development.

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