What Applicants Want Out of Potential Employers

5 Important Points to Consider


A successful company is built on the backs of energetic and productive employees who devote their time and talent to their work. The relentless efforts of employees are worth everything to a company, and it is true that without good employees, a company would fall to pieces. Today, more than ever, employees are taking time to scrutinize their potential employers rather than blindly accept a given job offer. Below are five items applicants want out of their potential and future employer.

1. Opportunities for Future Growth

An employee might think he or she wants to be an entrepreneur one day. The employee spends two years in a company with plenty of room for growth. His or her time in the company gives them a chance to develop the needed skills to venture off on their own when the time is right. Providing this opportunity is a good thing for employers too. They will be instilling useful leadership skills in employees who might leave the company, true, but these smart and capable individuals will be advocates for their progressive culture and process of sharing learning and expertise. Future business and talent will come to employers who provide these opportunities, regardless of how long the employee plans to stick around.

2. Flexibility

The company may start out with a great pay package for the employee. It may possess some or all the "daily perks" and features. The employees may be forced to work or they may be driven by a real desire to contribute. In the end, anyone who cares about their employees by allowing them to have a good work-life balance can make a difference. Whatever the reason for hiring a person, there are certain traits that will make an employer attractive, and flexibility at work is one of them. A flexible employer has compassion for all employees, isn't judgmental towards them, is responsible and committed to employee engagement and well-being and can deal with any situation.

3. Counseling

One way to lessen the burden of workplace tension and help employees procrastinate less is to help these employees deal with the stresses through counseling and mentorship. Even for experienced employees, the needs of workplace and the pressure to get in sync with the rest of the team can seem overwhelming. Counselors can help lessen the stress and keep employees from looking to other employment opportunities for answers. Designated counselors are often the best people to help employees. In many instances, they can offer a sympathetic ear that others may not find anywhere. Counselors' time commitment is entirely up to the company's needs.

4. Benefits

Although no two employers are exactly alike, most employers share two absolutely necessary attributes: to be able to attract potential employees and the resolve to make things better. There are hundreds of reasons an employee might want to join the company and good health benefits is a major one. Many technology companies offer health insurance or medical benefits and other perks to attract talents in the industry. Benefits can also be offered in the form of pension, bonus, transportation, food, child care, paid leave, vacation and much else. For work-based rewards and recognition, there may be quarterly or yearly programs where awards are given to employees who make the best impact on the company. In weekly meetings, managers often praise the employees who have been working hard and encouraging others to work.

5. The Real Payback

If some of these reasons for employment seem self-serving that's because they are, which is normal. When people go into a new job to gain their specific goal, they usually end up receiving half of what they expected. This process can be compared to an investment. The employees invest time and talent, but after a while, the return on their investment grows in terms of job satisfaction. When that happens, there are no reasons for them to leave the company. What starts out as an opportunity for earning more will turn into a heartfelt love of the job. This is where the rewards multiply. A good company offers the best opportunity to expand employees' horizons beyond the cubicles, coffee-rooms and workbenches. This can give them a chance to grow and mature intellectually as well as emotionally. Their job will be a source of personal satisfaction. Being useful and contributing to a company gives them a good feeling. And as a bonus, it builds a better company for the rest of the employees.

All and all, employers need to appeal to the income workforce in order to obtain hard-working and loyal employees. 


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