Weekend update: Spotify, AI news anchors, blockchain giveaways and Samsung's foldable phone arrives too late

A comprehensive run-through of this week's most exciting and innovative tech and business articles written by the Innovation Enterprise team


It's been an exciting week in the Innovation Enterprise office, with AI labs opening in San Francisco and Apple announcing they will roll out 5G phones in 2020, while Ericsson partnered with Einride and Telia to develop self-driving trucks, also powered by 5G technology.

All the while, we continued to watch the stock price of some of our beloved tech giants tumble and were disturbed by the uncanniness of China's latest news anchor: an AI-powered graphite composite of a real anchor.

Below, we run through a selection of our other favorite stories, interviews and analysis from the week across our Channels.

Samsung finally unveils its foldable phone

After years of teasing, Samsung finally unveiled details and gave a first look at its long-awaited foldable phone to developers at an event in San Francisco. Its new innovative foldable screen has been named the Infinity Flex Display and was built in conjunction with Google

However, last week, the Royole Corporation beat Samsung to the punch when they officially unveiled the world's first commercially available foldable smartphone. The product, dubbed the "FlexPai", can switch between a tablet interface when the display is unfolded and when folded it presents three separate smaller screens on the front, rear and spine of the device.

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DATAx: Why and how blockchain is going to disrupt marketing

"Middle-men are trusted in marketing to do such things as bringing buyers to real sellers," Wayne Lloyd of the EOS explained. "But the reality is far less comforting".

Marketing today is rife with a myriad of problems, from data, fake bots and GDPR regulations and more. The solution to these issues and the spark to the revolution the industry needs, Lloyd argues, may be blockchain. DATAx interrogates how and why blockchain will disrupt marketing.

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The value of diversity for your brand and content

Businesses with a healthy mix of men and women are 15% more likely to outperform their competitors. We spoke with head of SEO content at Fairygodboss, Nina Semczuk, about the value of diversity for your brand and how to promote transparency through your marketing efforts.

"It seems like now, more than ever, consumers recognize the importance of supporting diverse companies," says Semczuk. "A company that embraces inclusivity earns a loyal consumer base by demonstrating that its values reflect those of its audience."

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Stellar and Blockchain to deliver the largest Bitcoin giveaway ever

Stellar, one of the world's largest Bitcoin providers, has announced it is holding a token giveaway of $125m worth of its own cryptocurrency, Stellar lumens (XLM), to Blockchain wallet holders in the most valuable give-away ever.

The goal of the giveaway is to raise Stellar's profile among wallet holders and generally promote the technology. Stellar joins a small number of high-profile Bitcoin companies supported by the Blockchain wallet.

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DATAx presents: How Arsenal are seeing the full pitch with data visualization

With data visualization being adopted across various industries and businesses, DATAx sat down with Arsenal's data visualization analyst Tolly Coburn at the recent Data Visualization Summit in London to discuss how Arsenal leverages data visualizations to gain insights that help to optimize player performance.

"With data visualization you can basically board a visual analytical framework in which you are allowing your user to interact and gain insights, educating them on the insights," said Coburn.

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New AI-powered park opens in Beijing

The AI revolution continues to gather pace in China's capital city as it opened a new AI park co- built by local government in the Haidian district and tech giant Baidu.

The smart park includes such attractions such as AR Tai Chi lessons, smart walkways tracking steps using facial recognition software, fully automated shuttle buses, smart lamp posts that record exercise data and intelligent pavilions utilizing Baidu's DuerOS AI assistant.

"Everyone can AI," Pei Haodong, a spokesperson for Baidu told The Global Times, adding that Baidu wants the park to lead other urban parks into the future and bring AI closer to everyday life.

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Chinese TV station unveils uncanny AI news anchor

Xinhua, a Chinese news agency, revealed its latest news anchor; an AI-powered, graphic composite news anchor. The news agency worked with Sogou, a Beijing-based search engine company, to develop the system.

The anchors sport a photo-realistic similarity to real humans with Xinhua claiming its system's machine learning allowed it to speak realistically and sport convincing facial expressions with the "same effect" as humans. However, the "effect" is uncanny beyond belief…

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