Weekend update: San Francisco startups, IBM, AI recruitment and New York's top CDOs

Innovation Enterprise's weekly update returns with the latest reports and analysis from the world of tech and AI


With our New Year's shenanigans nothing more than a distant memory, it's been full steam ahead for the Innovation Enterprise editorial team this week, and the last seven days have seen us offer a cavalcade of coverage from across the tech world.

With DATAx Singapore on the horizon, we've been focusing heavily on the Asian tech hub, producing a host of articles and news stories published on the Lion City's tech scene including our very own guide on what to see and do, should you wish to join us at Suntec Singapore in March.

It's been another interesting week at Apple where iPhone production has been cut by 10% following months of reports of flagging sales and an "informal boycott" in China; WeWork renamed itself following its latest injection of capital from SoftBank; and Google announced its plan to lease a Los Angeles mall and convert the space into an office campus.

Below, we present our highlights from the week that was.

DATAx presents: New York's top 21 CDOs

Whether they're driving data strategies or encouraging their teams' productivity, chief data officers are a talented bunch and none more so than those working in New York.

Our list of 21 influential and innovative CDOs working in New York highlights those that have made a splash in sectors such as the music, politics and media to name a few.

Among those to make the final 21 were IBM's Inderpal Bhandari (pictured), Mastercard's JoAnn Stonier, PayPal's Jonathan Auerbach and GE Power's Christina Clark.

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Compute and recruit: Why AI will be your next recruiter

We spoke to XOR CEO and co-founder Aida Fazylova who says she can offer a solution that can get AI to do the "legwork" for recruitment firms. XOR, an AI-powered recruitment chatbot, has already been used by 121 customers in 15 countries including McDonald's, Ikea and a number of luxury retailers.

XOR's chatbot works all day, every day and can handle basic questions such as: "What is your benefits package?" or "is there a dress code?" It prescreens candidates by checking whether they have the correct qualifications, enough experience or can work in the country. It then schedules the first stage interviews – all within three-to-five minutes. For comparison, this process normally takes a human two weeks.

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San Francisco's 20 most exciting startups

With DATAx San Francisco set to make its debut in May, we've compiled a list of 20 of the most exciting startups working in the Bay Area today.

From the likes of Calm, which provides apps that aim to help individuals to relax, to Firefly, which has built a platform that allows rideshare drivers to make money through digital advertising, the startup scene in San Francisco is clearly brimming with innovation.

This list offers a great introduction to anyone wanting to learn more about the technologies and solutions coming out of the Californian metropolis.

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US digital health funding hit $8.1bn in 2018

Digital health funding now accounts for almost 10% of all US venture funding, according to a report from health tech funder Rock Health.

The report found that digital health funding soared to $8.1bn in the US in 2018, up from $5.7bn in 2017, boosted by the mainstream appeal of health wearables.

Rock Health researchers Sean Day and Megan Zweig noted in the report: "2018 was an entrepreneurs' market. With capital readily available, young companies are raising larger rounds than ever before, more frequently than ever before."

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Bridging the divide between IR and PR

"With their seemingly completely different tasks, investor relations (IR) and public relations (PR) teams buckle down and focus on the tasks at hand without any thought of each other," writes Cara Sloman, executive VP at Nadel Phelan, Inc. and an Innovation Enterprise contributor.

"However, opening a dialogue between the two could potentially strengthen and clarify a company's message while increasing visibility, resulting in more sales and stronger partnerships."

In this article, Sloman looks at the reasons why PR and IR have grown further apart in recent times, and how best to reconcile the two.

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IBM weather system improves forecast accuracy by 200%

Whether you’re one of those people that loves to watch the Weather Channel a little too much or a Pluviophile (someone who loves rain), there's a new tool in town that will no doubt brighten your day.

IBM has joined forces with its subsidiary Weather Channel to create a universal weather forecasting system named Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (GRAF).

GRAF, which is powered with IBM POWER9-based supercomputers, provides what IBM described as "the most accurate local weather forecasts ever seen worldwide", to which we imagine Pluviophiles everywhere are rejoicing.

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