Weekend update: Robot bosses, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, DATAx New York and "stupid" AI

Innovation Enterprise's weekly update returns with a wide-ranging recap of technology and AI news and developments from over the past week


This week, Innovation Enterprise attempts to bring our readers a brief respite from the noise currently being generated by the political scenes in the US and the UK, by bringing you the latest updates from the world of technology and AI.

While the US Congress calls on the US government to intensify its ongoing trade war with China by calling out the country's tech sector and Amazon faces up to a backlash from passionate New Yorkers, there remains much to remain positive about from the tech space. We're sure, however, that next week's Black Friday sale will help soothe some of Amazon's pain – especially if it proves half as successful as Alibaba's annual Singles Day event last week.

Ahead of next Friday's sales frenzy, we present our regular weekly update of stories, articles and interviews from across our channels.

AI today is "very, very stupid" says Google's AI leader

As Forest Gump was once famously quoted: "Stupid is, as stupid does." According to Andrew Moore, leader of AI for Google's cloud division, that may very well be the case with the current crop of AI applications and solutions.

"It is really good at doing certain things which our brains can't handle," Moore stated. "But it's not something we could press to do general-purpose reasoning involving things like analogies or creative thinking or jumping outside the box."

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UK government calls on businesses to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution

It's been a tough week for the UK government with Theresa May facing calls to quit over her draft Brexit agreement with the EU. Away from the political rows and disagreements, however, one member of her government has called on the UK business sector to embrace AI and play a leading role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

"Embracing data is not just an option, it's absolutely vital," stated Alan Mak MP, PPS to the UK secretary of state for business, and founder and chairman of the Fourth Industrial Revolution All-Party Parliamentary Group at Westminster.

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Seven reasons why DATAx New York will be unmissable

Big brands, top speakers, and a whole host of solutions and ideas that could help propel your business forward all feature heavily in our guide to why the upcoming DATAx New York festival, which takes place on December 12–13 in Manhattan's iconic Hilton Midtown, is simply unmissable. To find out more, check out our Seven reasons why DATAx New York will be unmissable, and make sure not to miss the opportunity to attend by registering for tickets today.

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Marketing insight: Virgin's Greg Rose talks all things content

Ahead of next month's Content Marketing Summit in New York, Innovation Enterprise sat down with Greg Rose, head of content at Virgin. Rose, who worked closely with Richard Branson on his latest autobiography, Finding My Virginity, talked about his career and how Virgin has built its content curation empire.

"I kept pitching additional briefs, which eventually led to a full-time role building up Virgin and Richard Branson's content and social media strategy," Rose said.

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New data centers in Africa aim to drive economic growth

US-based investment firm First Brick Holdings has announced plans for multiple investments to develop tier III data centers across eastern and southern Africa. The first of its new developments in Africa will be the creation of a data center in Uganda known as the "Raxio Data Center".

Also in Africa this week, we covered Orange's plan to "democratize access to smartphones". The French telecom provider said that its latest multiservice operator strategy would leverage digital innovation in order to optimize quality of life across the continent.

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One in three UK workers would prefer a robot boss

In what can only be described as an "interesting story choice" by this Editor-in-Chief, one of our editors opted to cover a story about whether or not UK workers would prefer a robot boss. While pleased with the author's write up, the subtle hint has been noted... nonetheless, this fascinating story, which comes from the Advanced Trends Report 2018/19, found that one-third of the survey's 1,000 respondents believe that given the right business intelligence, a robot would be better at making decisions than their current boss. May this act as a warning to all bosses out there...

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Marketing insight: Virgin's Greg Rose talks all things content