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It was a week that saw Apple launch its most expensive mass-produced iPhone, Samsung announce a new AI center in the Big Apple and Amazon set its sights on the stars. It was also a big week for the Innovation Enterprise team at our very own CFO Rising Europe Summit, which took place in London this week. Check out our key takeaways from the summit and the art of restructuring a business. Below we present our pick of top stories and analysis from across our Channels.

New EU copyright law threatens YouTubers and other creators

The EU the passed a new, controversial copyright law which critics argue will threaten the very nature of the open internet. EU MEPs have faced criticism for passing the law which will enforce rules designed to update and help enforce online copyright laws . Proponents have framed the passing of the new law as a win for content creators, while others including many Reddit users have decried it as "catastrophic" for the open internet.

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The three biggest factors threatening the Eurozone today

At the CFO Rising Europe Summit in London, Ben Chu, economics editor for The Independent, discussed the three most disruptive factors impacting the Eurozone including US President Trump's "trade wars", Brexit and the surge of populist parties across Europe.

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Samsung to launch New York AI center

Samsung, which has committed to employing 1,000 AI specialists by 2020 as it aims to become a leader within the AI research field, has announced it will launch a new robotics-focused AI center in New York. The center will become the South Korean tech giant's sixth AI research facility globally and its second in the US.

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Lyft commits to achieving complete carbon neutrality

Lyft has said it will aim to make its entire business – not just its rides – 100% carbon neutral, as it promises to spend millions of dollars on carbon offsets, ensuring that each individual Lyft ride will, in essence, be carbon neutral . Whether it's truly possible for a company responsible for millions of car journeys every year can achieve such a high level of sustainable responsibility remains to be seen, but its co-founders have said they would be holding themselves "accountable to being part of the solution".

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3D printing: The future of manufacturing

Are we on the cusp of a manufacturing revolution or has the future already arrived? Bill Gordon explores how 3D printing innovations are changing the future of manufacturing and leading to host of new product opportunities.

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Amazon to datamine space with Chile

And to wrap up this week's round up, we turn our attention to the skies. Space – the final frontier, the great beyond – is no match for the behemoth that is Amazon. The retail and data giant revealed it is in talks with the Chilean government to begin datamining the country's mass of star data and housing it on its AWS digital cloud.

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