Weekend update: New York startups, Generation Z, Google News and content marketing

Innovation Enterprise's regular weekly update returns with an assortment of stories, interviews and reports from the world of tech and AI


For those of you keen for a respite from the shopping chaos of Black Friday, Innovation Enterprise returns with its regular round up of news and features from the past week.

This week saw the news that US President Donald Trump's administration has been considering restricting exports of AI tech, while in China the country's government takes further steps toward implementing a " social credit system".

Elsewhere we covered 3D printed hearts, conversational AI and a medical crypto currency platform.

Below is our pick of stories, articles and interviews from across our channels from the past seven days.

DATAx presents: 10 New York startups embracing innovation

With DATAx New York just a few weeks away, we've put together a list of 10 startups causing the most disruption and driving innovation in the Big Apple.

Included on the list is medication supplier Blink Health, stock investment app Stash, AI-powered photographer assistant Meero and blockchain journalism publisher Civil.

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DATAx presents: How to pick the right vendor as a CDO

In the first of a three-part series, Bharti Rai, head of data and digital innovation at Bayer and DATAx New York speaker, discusses the challenges facing CDOs today, highlighting why she believes that the vendor landscape is currently more exciting than it has ever been.

Her comments, however, come with a stern warning to all companies out there: "An organization may be left with multiple vendors on their payroll, without a coherent strategy or architecture, all under the promise of quick insights."

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Grabbing Gen Z'ers eyes and hearts today

Innovation Enterprise's Content Marketing Summit is right around the corner, and ahead of the event we caught up with Meredith Ferguson, managing director of DoSomething Strategic, to discuss how and why businesses should be connecting with the workforce's latest generational recruits, Gen Z'ers.

"Gen Z, those born between 1995 and 2015, is the most racially and culturally diverse generation in US history," Ferguson notes. "They refuse to be held down by traditional ideological boxes. They have never known a world without technology, but that doesn't mean they don't realize its limitations: More than half of young people prefer in-person interactions over text and email, because experiences matter."

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Top three tech trends disrupting the payments industry

Payment processes are being transformed thanks to innovative disruptors such as NFC, mPOS and wearables. We take a look at all three technologies as they change the way businesses, from the those working in the finance industry to brick-and-mortar stores, process those all-important payments that keep them up and running.

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Google announces news innovation challenge in the APAC region

This week saw Google announce the launch of its first Asia-Pacific (APAC) GNI Innovation Challenge, under its Google News Initiative (GNI), which will aim to fund projects to innovate, challenge current publishing business models and inject new ideas into the news industry.

Kate Beddoe, head of news and publishing partnerships at Google, said: "Given the pace of change in the news industry, innovation has never been more important.

"We want to make sure that all organizations, large and small, in the APAC news ecosystem have the opportunity to suggest new ideas around this critically important topic."

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How ASUS got results by content marketing to just one audience and a speed rapper

At this week's Digital Marketing and Strategy Innovation Summit in Beijing, Archit Mardia discussed how ASUS switched its marketing focus from quantity to quality.

"Stop interrupting what people are interested in and start being what people are interested in," said the former ASUS marketing manager and current senior manager of global consumer marketing at Lenovo.

"Consumers only choose what matters," Mardia remarked during his presentation at the summit. "Tune out the rest if they're not relevant."

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