Weekend update: Microsoft, Uber, UK parliament and the latest in health apps

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In case you missed out on the happenings across the Innovation Enterprise, it's been another busy week. We've covered stories spanning from health apps created to drive breast cancer discoveries and detect heart attacks, to Uber announcing that it has been tipped to be worth $120bn. Read on to discover our top six stories from our Channels this week.

How Steven Bartlett's Social Chain is tackling influencer fraud

26-year-old entrepreneur Steven Bartlett's Social Chain tackles the problem of influencer fraud, "one of the most widespread scams in the history of marketing" with Like-Wise tool that identifies fake profiles using AI.

His platform works to collect "data from all of the largest bot farms and builds a database of tens of millions of fake profiles. Then simultaneously scans hundreds of thousand so influencers to see which influencers are getting engagement from these apps."

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How technology innovations are changing the role of a CFO

"Data is much more readily available in real-time and viewable via any device – the availability of seeing data whenever and wherever via any device – that is what we are going through today," Yahoo's former CFO told Innovation Enterprise

With the rapid development of technology innovations, the role of a CFO has dramatically changed. Innovation Enterprise spoke to Yahoo's former CFO Ken Goldman who shared his insights into how the role of a CFO has evolved.

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Microsoft: The importance of creating ethical AI

Ahead of this years DATAx New York Festival, Innovation Enterprise spoke to Francesca Lazzeri, AI and ML scientist for Microsoft's cloud developer advocacy team who provided insights into what some of the most disruptive technologies in 2019 will be and advice into how businesses can create safe, ethical AI.

"It is vital for the future of our society that we design AI to be both reliable and reflect ethical values which are deeply rooted in important and timeless principles," she said.

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UK parliament to hear testimony about impact of AI from a robot

The UK parliament has announced this week that it will be inviting Pepper, a robot developed by Japanese tech company Softbank, to provide evidence about the future impact of AI on labor markets.

"This is not about someone bringing an electronic toy robot and doing a demonstration. It's about showing the potential of robotics and artificial intelligence and the impact it has on skills," Robert Halfon MP, chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee said.

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Using analytics to help customers make financial progress

Credit Karma VP of data product management Poulomi Damany spoke to Innovation Enterprise ahead of the AI and Big Data Innovation Summit about some of the challenges in her role and the ways Credit Karma has leverage analytics to improve its customer service and products.

"We use deep-learning models to provide personalized recommendations to our members. We also leverage similar techniques to inform our business decisions.

"For example, we can better identify new macro trends and abnormalities in our business metrics, which we use to improve our business forecasts," she noted.

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