Weekend Update: Instagram, GDPR, Amazon and China

Innovation Enterprise's end-of-week update illuminates some of the most important stories from the past seven days in the world of tech and industry


This week, the Innovation Enterprise team's adventures in the world of tech and business led us to report on Facebook's continuing struggle with its trust problem after it was revealed that it had lost 30% of its value in just four months, Walmart pulling a Black Mirror and investing heavily in "interactive storytelling" and Microsoft shocking the open-source community by releasing 60,000 patents. Elsewhere, Google (finally!) shuttered Google+ and MIT researchers took us another terrifying step forward in AI progression with its new "brain-on-a-chip". As we continue to keep you up-to-date on all things tech, why not check out our favorite picks below from this week across our Channels.

Instagram unveils new AI-powered anti-cyberbullying feature

The month of October was National Bullying Prevention month and, in honor of it, Instagram announced a new AI feature which they hope will help them hide offensive comments and pick out repeat offenders on the platform.

"As the new head of Instagram, I’m proud to build on our commitment to making Instagram a kind and safe community for everyone," said Adam Mosseri, replacement VP of product following the recent departure of Instagram's co-founders.

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China attempts to boost flagging economy in the face of US trade war

The ongoing turmoil which has rocked the Chinese government ever since the Trump administration stepped up its tariffs on the nation took another turn this week. In an effort to strengthen its flagging economy, the country's central bank is freeing up CNY750bn ($109bn) to be used for new lending.

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Amazon abandoned sexist AI recruitment tool

Big news for Amazon this week, as while it looked to expand its brick-and-mortar empire into the UK with its futuristic, cashier-less Amazon Go stores, a Reuters Report revealed this week that the company scrapped an AI recruitment tool it had been developing since 2014 in 2017 because it was found to be discriminating against women, in another display of the frightening effects biased data sets can have on AI training.

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How GDPR is affecting big data ethics

Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), every firm with links to Europe has been scrambling to adjust and stay compliant to the new lay of the land. But while everyone is focusing on annoying consent pages, the EU's data protection supervisor, Giovanni Buttarelli, thinks that more significant impacts of GDPR are yet to be fully evident.

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Using data analytics to utilize office space

Following last week's explosive CFO Rising Europe Summit and in wild anticipation of next week's CFO RisingWest Summit, Innovation Enterprise sat down with SenzoLive's global sales director Eduard Moix on site to find out how his company is leveraging data assets.

"There is often a gap between perception and reality," Moix explained. "Or in some instances a lack of visibility on how and when the office space is used. Providing accurate data helps real estate and finance teams in understanding how their office space is being utilized."

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Three things we learnt at Digital Marketing Innovation London

This week's Digital Marketing Innovation Summit provided insights into how blockchain is about to completely disrupt marketing, the ever-growing importance of transparency in building brand trust and what businesses need to start prioritizing when they dabble into the murky waters of social media. Innovation Enterprise breaks down some of the key insights garnered from the summit in hot anticipation of this December's DATAx New York festival.

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