Weekend update: IBM, Samsung, Meetup, advice for CDOs and blockchain meets art

It's time for Innovation Enterprise's rundown of the week's most intriguing stories, interviews and features from the mercurial world of tech and AI


After another wild week in the tech sphere, it's time to put your feet up and enjoy your weekly roundup.

At AWS's re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, the web services giant unveiled a new platform to aid robot developers, while in the UK, the country's government must have received a memo from AWS as the head of the UK Cabinet Office's Robotic Automation Unit announced a "massive shift" in the nation's adoption of RPA.

Bitcoin shed 40% of its value and reaffirmed skeptics of its volatility (again) just in time for AWS to enter the blockchain market, while China caused much shock and horror with the announcement that its scientists had produced GM babies.

It was also the tale of two giants this week, as Microsoft surpassed Apple's valuation as the world most valuable company (for now at least) and made a pretty sweet deal with the US military. Meanwhile, Apple's stock was slashed due to poor expectations and it found itself in court defending its App Store practices.

From the banking world, Hari Eppanapally of BNY Mellon shared some insights about the state of AI in banking in 2019 while DATAx shared a new infographic illuminating some of the most disruptive payment trends.

Oh yeah, and Amazon had its best shopping day. Ever.

Below is a curated selection of stories, features and interviews from across our Channels from the past seven days.

DATAx presents: Understanding what is expected from a CDO

In the second of a three-part series, this week the former head of data and digital innovation at Bayer went into the struggles inherent to dealing with the ever-morphing and evolving expectations placed on often newly minted CDOs around the world.

On accountability versus authority, Bharti Rai said, "One of the biggest challenges of this role stems from the fact that it may be perceived as accountable for the availability, quality and application of end-to-end data, it may not have the authority or the right organizational model behind it or the right functions reporting to it."

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IBM's "master plan" to democratize blockchain

Ahead of this Chief Data Officer Summit at the DATAx New York festival this December, DATAx spoke to Todd Scott, VP blockchain global trade at IBM, to understand why the tech giant has been investing so heavily in the somewhat enigmatic technology.

"I think our clients expect us to figure out the hard things," commented Scott. "From a technology standpoint, clients feel very comfortable with IBM managing the blockchain, they don't have those concerns that the system is insecure or that it will run out of capacity because they trust us to create a secure platform. This is because we've done it before – we've been in the platform business for decades"

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Samsung unveils new AI integrated medical imaging software

Samsung made good on its commitment to expand its horizons past the smartphone market into emerging tech by

unveiling a number of AI-powered pieces of medical equipment intended to amplify physicians' ability to better diagnose patients.

These included the S-Detect, an ultrasound system capable of detecting breast lesions and producing reports, and the SimGrid which utilizes AI for its "Bone Suppression" function allowing X-rays to form better images of lung tissue.

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DATAx presents: How ML connects people at Meetup

With the Machine Learning Innovation Summit, part of the DATAx New York festival, also around the corner, DATAx spoke to one of the speakers at the event and Meetup principal machine learning engineer Zachary Cohn about how it uses ML to connect groups.

"Recommendation engines today already add a lot of utility," explained Cohn. "But there's still a long way to go to make the technology feel like the experience of a conversation with a trusted, empathetic expert. And we shouldn't lose sight of that fact."

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How can global strategy adapt in a dynamic environment?

Ahead of this year's Innovation Enterprise's Chief Strategy Officer Summit in New York, sat down with Eugene Seagriff, director of Go To Market Strategy at LG Electronics to discuss how AI can help keep a company as large as LG agile.

"The challenge for any global company is appropriately addressing regional regulatory and cultural requirements, while maximizing R&D and other resources. Strong local representation at the subsidiary level and globalizing R&D are definitely best practices," Seagriff explained.

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How Portion is using blockchain to democratize the art industry

One of the world's oldest markets is getting a very modern touch-up… we sat down to find out how Portion is utilizing blockchain to revolutionize the notoriously stagnant art industry.

"The art market is one of the most opaque and the second-most unregulated market in the world (just behind drugs)," commented Peter Engleman, COO at Portion. "By implementing blockchain you're taking away the power that a few players have and really democratizing the industry."

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