Weekend update: Disney–ABC, Google, AI and blockchain

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This week, the Innovation Enterprise team covered a whole host of stories from across the world of tech and business including the return to the front pages of World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee , the mobilization of machine learning in the battle to solve California's drought crisis and another tough week for now-former Tesla chairman Elon Musk . Our now regular weekly round-up of content returns below, featuring our favorite picks from across our Channels.

Disney–ABC: How to balance analytics with creativity

"Television is always evolving. We are in a transition, no doubt." Those were the thoughts of Gary Shanas, VP of media strategy and planning at Disney–ABC Television, during a wide-ranging interview with Innovation Enterprise this week . Shanas discussed the media giant's approach to evolving viewing habits, shared his recommendations to those also experiencing monumental disruption in their industries and the future innovations he finds most exciting. Shanas will be speaking at the AI & Data for Marketing Summit, part of DATAx New York , in December.

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Amazon accused of slashing bonuses following pay rise

A week can be a long time in the news cycle, and that's certainly rings true for Amazon. Earlier in the week, we reported on how Amazon had finally raised its minimum wage for workers in the US and the UK . Just a couple of days later and we found ourselves reporting on Amazon being accused of slashing bonuses , proving life isn't always a smooth ride when you're one of the biggest companies in the world.

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Google Assistant to start comparing ride-hailing prices

Google latest update to its virtual assistant has given users the chance to compare prices of ride-hailing services and order a car from within the Google Assistant app , moving away from the previous method of diverting to a ride-sharing app on your phone. Once users have asked Google Assistant to book a cab, the app will present them with a list of popular ride services, their estimated prices and average wait times.

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CFO presents: Finding the real enterprise value in blockchain

Before moving ahead with blockchain, finance leaders need to assess their companies' readiness , assess the risks involved and precisely define the opportunities for value creation, writes Alex-Paul Manders, ISG TBM practice lead for the Americas and Innovation Enterprise contributor. According to Manders, just 1.7% of respondents said their finance team had a clear understanding of how to use blockchain to their company's advantage during an informal survey taken during a webcast with our sister publication CFO.

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Honda demos new tech innovation for traffic management in Ohio

Working in collaboration with the State of Ohio and the City of Marysville, car giant Honda has launched its Smart Intersection technology , which has the ability to identify concealed hazards "to virtually see through and around buildings". Ted Klaus, Honda VP of strategic research at Honda R&D Americas, said the technology could "play a role in our dream for a zero-collision society".

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Will AI have a greater impact than technologies that have come before?

AI may still be a "relatively novel area of science", but for most businesses, it can be "managed with the right vision and skill" , said Partha Dutta, SVP of data science at Sembcorp. We sat down with Dutta ahead of his presentation at Innovation Enterprise's AI & Predictive Analytics Summit in Singapore next week to discuss the impact AI will have on the business world.

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Apple beats google and amazon to top brand list small

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Apple beats Google and Amazon to top brand list