Weekend update: Apple, Samsung, Facebook in trouble and the booming health wearables market

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As you can see across our Channels, the movers and shakers of the tech world have been had a busy week. IBM and Travelport have extended their partnership to use AI and blockchain to disrupt the travel industry while Apple has begun working on a self-driving vehicle convoy system to increase efficiency. Netflix also announced that it plans to wade deeper into debt in pursuit of content creation.

Meanwhile, Facebook shareholders have demanded Zuckerberg resign as chairman while the social media giant experienced another high profile resignation when Brendan Iribe, co-founder of Oculus announced he was leaving the company. It was also revealed that Amazon has pitched the use of its facial recognition service to ICE.

Below, we highlight what's been blowing up in the tech world this week.

Apple and Samsung fined for slowing down their smartphones

An Italian investigation into Samsung and Apple has led to both companies being fined for intentionally slowing down older versions of their smartphones. Samsung has been fined €5m ($5.7m) and Apple €10m ($11.4m), the first ruling of its kind against a tech company for planned obsolescence.

"Apple and Samsung implemented dishonest commercial practices," said the watchdog in a scathing statement.

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Four companies using AI to reinvent marketing

If marketing agencies hope to stay ahead in this world they must embrace the latest technologies into their strategies, while perpetually stay on the cutting edge of what's new and innovative within the marketing space. AI is one tech that is set to recreate the wheel, so to speak.

We take a close look at four companies that are reinventing marketing using AI: Amplero, Like-wise, Narrative Science and Dynamic Yield.

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Beijing leads China's AI adoption

China's target of becoming a world leader in AI has placed its capital and third-most populous city at the forefront of global AI innovation. Beijing is now looking toward a future fueled by AI innovation, investment and development.

Companies such as Baidu, which has announced that the key themes for its own conference, Baidu World 2018, will include how AI applications can transform different industries, everyday life and contribute to social good, are driving change in the Chinese capital.

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What are the crucial elements in a successful acquisition strategy?

The global value of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) has been predicted to reach $4.4 trillion globally in 2018, yet they are notoriously difficult to navigate. According to a Harvard Business Review report, the failure rate for M&As is between 70–90%.

We spoke with Scott Blumsackglobal head of strategy at Monster.com about approaching M&As. "A lot of companies underplay the importance of a strong cultural integration in their acquisition thinking. As a result, they may often force two cultures together too quickly, which inevitably causes friction."

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Apple Watch driving huge growth in wearable devices

The global wearables market is set to double in size, according CSS Insight. This is driven largely by the growth of digital health. It was also found that the global wearable heart monitoring is set to grow at a CAGR of almost 10% between 2017-23 according to Market Research Future.

The new-generation Apple Watch series has been noted as a significant factor driving this growth due to its health features, in particular an inbuilt electrocardiogram app for monitoring heart rate.

"For millions of people around the world, Apple Watch has helped them to stay connected, be more active and live a healthier day," stated Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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DATAx presents: Five technologies that will disrupt the pharma industry in 2019

Being forward-thinking is key in the pharma industry as the difference between today's game-changing technology and tomorrow's disrupter may be no more than an algorithm which makes the business of saving lives a little more efficient.

Innovation Enterprise highlights five technological innovations which are set to disrupt the pharma industry in 2019.

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Hive gamifies AI training and hires 600,00 people to play

AI startup Hive has announced its plans to pay more than 600,000 people to help it label photos for its image recognition AI system.

The workers, who are being paid pennies per image, will help the company create an AI the firm's CEO Kevin Guo claimed would be "whole orders of magnitude better than Google".

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