Weekend update: Amazon, IBM, Uber and transforming retail

A breakdown of the week's biggest business and tech articles coming out of the Innovation Enterprise team


It's been a hectic week on Innovation Enterprise's Channels, with Google predicting that voice recognition will be tech's next revolution, IBM releasing a mobile AI toolkit for farming and Slack acquiring Astro in its most significant acquisition to date. Below, we highlight some of our other favorite stories, interviews and analysis from across our Channels.

Uber pays $148m settlement for data breach

Uber has agreed to pay $148m to settle claims related to its 2016 large-scale breach which saw more than 57 million global users' personal information exposed.

The personal data included 607,000 US drivers' licenses, as well as other personal details such as email addresses and phone numbers. The settlement represented the largest ever fine for a data breach in the US.

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Amazon opens new concept store

Amazon opened a new bricks and mortar store in New York called Amazon 4-Star which only stocks items that have been rated four stars and above by customers.

Following the news that the retail giant is considering opening 3,000 new cashier-less stores, this move suggests that Amazon is at the early stages of a plan to move its business away from its exclusive online retail platform and into the physical world.

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Hypernet prepares us for a post-Moore's law world

"With transistors now reaching their quantum limits in terms of size, Moore’s law could be quickly approaching obsolescence," explains Ivan Ravlich, CEO and co-founder of Hypernet, a parallel programming model.

We spoke with Ravlich about how they may have found an answer to our core data problem before it became a crisis.

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Snapchat and Amazon team up to offer point-and-buy option

Snap.Inc has announced it is currently testing a product search feature that integrates a visual search function that allows Snapchat's users to point their camera at desired items and then complete the transaction through Amazon.

The partnership is a strategic move to embrace the current trend of incorporating smartphone cameras into commerce in order to streamline shopping process.

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Baidu CEO: "AI will be bigger than the internet"

Robin Li Yanhong, co-founder and CEO of the Chinese tech colossus Baidu has claimed that over the next few decades AI will have a bigger impact on society than the internet due to the technology's potential to change the way businesses and industries work.

"If the internet was the appetizer, then AI is the main course," Li said onstage at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York.

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How AccuWeather minimizes profit loss for organizations

"AccuWeather pulls data from around the globe, in an i ntricate weave of technology and systems, mathematical logarithms, to predict weather with the most accurate forecasts possible down to the micro-level details," states Glen Parrillo, controller at AccuWeather.

Ahead of his presentation at Innovation Enterprise's Controller Summit to talk about the relationship between weather forecasting and profit; and the future of the finance industry.

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UNICEF and Microsoft partner to empower displace and refugee youth

UNICEF and Microsoft this week announced they had entered into a partnership in collaboration with the University of Cambridge to develop a "learning passport", a digital education platform and protection service aid for those displaced by conflict.

"We are applying technology and expertise to ensure that the most vulnerable children on the move have access to education and protection," Mary Snapp, Microsoft corporate VP and lead for philanthropies, commented.

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