Weekend update: Amazon, CBD, Rolls-Royce and Chinese AI

A round-up of the week's top tech and business news, features and interviews from across Innovation Enterprise's Channels


It's been another "action-packed" week on Innovation Enterprise's Channels with Huawei launching its first 5G-enable foldable phone, Google joining forces with T-Mobile to enhance emergency service response in the US and the World Economic Forum predicting AI and robotics will create more jobs than they will destroy. Below, we highlight some of our other favorite stories, interviews and analysis from across our Channels.

China calls for a friendlier approach to AI development

With China's technological revolution continuing apace and the country aiming to become the global leader within the AI space by 2030, the Chinese government is opting to take a softer approached to future AI development, as it looks to develop further collaboration with international partners.

President Xi Jinping clarified the country's plans in a letter presented at a conference, in which he said China wanted to "share results with other countries in the field of AI".

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Amazon considering opening 3,000 cashier-less stores by 2021

As the world becomes ever more reliant on technology to carry out roles traditionally reserved for humans, it was revealed this week that retail giant Amazon intends to open 3,000 cashier-less grocery stores by 2021.

Customers at Amazon Go stores use an app on their phone to scan a QR code at the entry turnstiles, before picking up what they want and walking out. Upon leaving, the app takes money out of customer's Amazon account and emails a receipt over.

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Why CBD will be a billion-dollar industry in less than five years

Financial journalist and Innovation Enterprise contributor J. Frank Sigerson explores the merits and opportunities of one of the fastest growing global industries, the CBD market.

"Not only could it generate billions for market leaders," says Sigerson. "It could also open new avenues for revenue for supplemental industries like marketing firms. It will no doubt bring in jobs and could be a vital part of a nation's economy."

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Four key skills for tackling the finance talent gap

"Change is here, and there is no way to get around the fourth industrial revolution in finance," says Kathryn Sharrett, CFO of Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Speaking at the CFO Rising Europe Summit in London, Sharrett outlined four key skills that will bridge the finance talent gap: Adaptability, flexibility, accountability and innovation.

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Rolls-Royce: Restructuring a national institution

At this year's CFO Rising Europe Summit in London, Declan Guerin, group chief restructuring officer at Rolls-Royce, explained the role he played in restructuring one of the UK's most iconic engineering firms.

The company, said Guerin, needed to restructure, to become "simpler, leaner and more agile", which is no mean feat in a company spread out over five large divisions and so deeply steeped in its own storied history.

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AI-powered platform offers furniture industry an AR spatial experience

Bringing a whole new approach to online shopping, design agency Idean has partnered with AI-powered platform RoomAR to create an augmented reality (AR) service that it says could "revolutionize the buying experience for customers who are considering purchasing new furniture".

RoomAR targets retailers and manufacturers in the furniture and home furnishing industry and, in collaboration with Idean, the platform will aim to bridge the gap between the online and offline world to provide a seamless transition between humans and technology.

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