Weekend update: AI in China, Google Cloud on automating machine learning and expert advice on data visualization

Innovation Enterprise's regular weekly round up returns with news of falling revenues, bustling tech hubs and innovative autonomous vehicles


In a week when it was revealed that retail giant Amazon's stock price had plummeted 25% in less than two months and Samsung publicly stated that it expected 1Q19 to be bleak in terms of revenue, the Innovation Enterprise team was able to find solace in the news that growth in the Chinese AI industry continues unabated.

It proved to be a busy week in respect to our very own summits, with Innovation Enterprise events taking place in Chicago and London. We were onsite to cover some of the most interesting and revelatory presentations, including the latest insights from visionaries at Google Cloud, The Times, and The Economist among other big names within the AI, big data and data visualization spaces. Below, we round up some of our favorite stories and articles from across our Channels from the past seven days.

Apple unveils the most advanced iPad to date

In his second keynote in two months, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new iPad Pro. The latest member of the iPad family has been described as the most significant and influential of Apple's recent new releases, with the company saying it featured "the biggest change to the iPad since its inception eight years ago".

Alongside the new iPad Pro, Apple announced the launch of the latest MacBook Air and Mac Mini models. Back in September Apple unveiled the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, as well as the Apple Watch series 4.

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Baidu and Volvo partner to develop "robotaxis"

"With Baidu we take a big step forward in commercializing our autonomous-compatible cars, built on Volvo's industry-leading safety technology," said Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson this week, after the Swedish car manufacturer teamed up with the Chinese tech giant to launch a fleet of autonomous vehicles nicknamed "robotaxis".

Volvo and Baidu will attempt to develop level four autonomous vehicles in China, with Volvo providing access to its expertise and advanced technologies of the car industry, and Baidu offering its Apollo 3.0 open-source autonomous driving platform.

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Lenovo joins tech heavyweights moving to Beijing

The tech revolution continues apace in China. This week we wrote about Lenovo, who recently opened a new campus in the Phase II Software Park in Beijing tech hub Zhongguancun . The 120,000 sqm, six-floor building will be the base for 10,000 employees.

Lenovo will be located close to fellow Chinese tech giants Tencent, Baidu, Netease and Sina, as Beijing's continues to cement its position as the APAC's hub of tech innovation. Also this week, we revealed four of the most innovative e-commerce startups working in China today.

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Three data visualization strategies for effective visual storytelling

At the Data Visualisation Summit in London, representatives from The Times and The Economist discussed how they ensure effective storytelling by using data visualizations , and shared tips that can be leveraged by anyone in any industry.

Among the experts sharing their advice at the Innovation Enterprise event were The Times interactive news editor Sam Joiner, and The Economist head of data journalism Alex Selby-Boothroyd and data journalist Marie Segger.

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Hyundai and Kia to create solar-powered cars

Hyundai and Kia announced plans this week to develop solar charging technology which will be deployed in select Hyundai models after 2019.

The car manufacturers will develop three solar roof charging systems including a silicon structured solar roof system which Hyundai said would have the power to charge a car battery between 30–60% per day.

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Google Cloud: Why and how to automate your ML

At AI & Big Data Innovation Summit 2018, Robert Saxby, solutions architect at Google Cloud, shared with the audience what led Google to automate its machine learning (ML) models and how ML can be leveraged by any firm looking to greatly improve its efficiency.

"We are in the business of data centers," Saxby explained. "YouTube alone streams one billion hours of video every day." With all this data comes the need for larger data centers, and with larger data centers come significantly higher power demands – read on to find out what Saxby had to say on the matter.

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