'We Swim In Data Here Day In And Day Out'

We sat down with Lu Chen, Senior Director of Growth Marketing at THINX


Lu Chen is the Senior Director of Growth Marketing at THINX, a viral feminine product brand built on a social mission - to give women and girls around the world confidence. In her role, Lu leads digital & offline marketing, data analytics, customer experience and branding. Lu is a seasoned team leader with a data-driven approach to marketing. Her professional experience includes 1-800-Flowers, PIMCO, and Soros Fund. 

Ahead of her presentation at the Digital Marketing Innovation Summit this March 21 - 22 in New York, we sat down with Lu to talk all things social marketing. 

What social media platforms do you find most useful and how are you measuring your success?

THINX is a feminist brand with a unique voice. Because of this, social media platforms are where we engage the most with our customers, whether it is organic content or paid distribution. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest have been critical in our growing success. Google in comparison has been contributing less in terms of revenue share. We are focused on brand educating as our product requires some of it. At the same time, our marketing team is extremely data driven and we deploy many tactics that are often seen in direct marketing to increase conversion rates. We measure success mostly with last click revue from social platforms, as well as organic mentions and PR.

How does your output across the different social media platforms differ and why?

As marketers at THINX, we are fortunate in that our product is unique and controversial by design. It's changing customer behavior that has been the same for centuries. So we organically receive social mentions which helps build brand awareness. The role of paid social is measured with a focus in last click transaction, because paid social plays the role of convincing someone to convert. I would say this philosophy is applied particularly with Facebook and Instagram.

What advice would you give to brands just beginning their content marketing journey?

Having an identifiable and consistent brand voice at the beginning is going to create resonating impressions on your customers. And deploying that voice and creative consistently across channels will also work wonders.

How are you tracking your customers’ journey and have you seen a change in browsing behaviours? (e.g. move to mobile, two-screens, etc.)

We have seen mobile experience becoming more and more important. Mobile first is our philosophy here, especially as our brand is driving the most awareness via social media platforms vs Google or offline. Brand partnerships are also something that we devote a considerable amount of effort to. We have seen brands that we built partnerships with drive mostly mobile traffic to us as well. It's safe to say that it is mobile first for most e-commerce brands today.

How crucial is the role that data plays in your decision-making?

We swim in data here day in and day out. There's an increasing demand for talent in marketing data analytics. We deploy rigorous algorithms and robust processes across all of our social platforms. This includes managing budget, bidding strategy, creative planning and optimization and site experience optimization.

Are you personalising your consumer engagement? If so how? If not, why not?

Yes, we use personalization software on our site to personalize user experience.

What do you foresee to be the biggest marketing trends of 2017?

Social platforms are becoming the state of the internet. In 2017, we think we will double down our investment and commitment in building brand awareness via social platforms, armed with a consistent brand voice.

You can hear more from Lu, as well as other industry leading digital marketing executives, at the Digital Marketing Innovation Summit in New York this March 21 - 22. To see the full agenda, click here

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