We can control Huawei's risk claims UK cybersecurity experts

A review by the UK's National Cybersecurity Center has argued that the security risk posed by the Chinese telecommunications giant could be mitigated


The UK's National Cybersecurity Center has claimed that the risk Huawei presents by becoming involved in the country's network infrastructure could be mitigated.

The statement follows an open letter the Chinese telecommunications giant penned to the UK government stating that investigations into allegations of spying for the Chinese government would take "three to five years" to address.

The announcement by leading UK cybersecurity experts undermines the response to the allegations by a number of countries. Germany recently pressured Huawei to guarantee it will keep data secure from the Chinese government while Australia, New Zealand and Japan have all banned Huawei as a wireless network provider.

The US has advised its allies to ban the firm from becoming involved in creating a 5G network in their countries.

However, the majority of the UK's mobile companies have been working with Huawei to develop their 5G networks. A UK government review, due in March or April this year, will decide whether the companies can use Huawei technology.

The National Cybersecurity Center has claimed that its conclusion came from having "a unique oversight and understanding of Huawei engineering and cybersecurity".

Huawei cybersecurity chief John Suffolk told the BBC: "We are probably the most open and transparent organization in the world. We are probably the most poked and prodded organization too."

Huawei commented: "We don't say" believe us" we say "come and check for yourself", come and do your own testing and come and do your own verification.

"The more people looking, the more people touching, they can provide their own assurance without listening to what Huawei has to say," it added.

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