Warming Up to Climate Change

Companies receive grades on climate-change strategies.


Al Gore is not the only one confronting the threat of global warming these days. In fact, some companies, like General Electric with its Ecomagination initiative, are turning climate change into a business opportunity. A recent report by Ceres, a shareholder environmentalist group, ranked 100 industrial companies on their strategies for addressing the financial risks and opportunities from climate change. BP and DuPont received the highest scores. Not surprisingly, ExxonMobil ranked near the bottom, with a score of 35 out of 100.

Top 10 global industrial companies on climate-change strategies*
Company Sector Score
BP Oil & gas 90
DuPont Chemical 85
Royal Dutch Shell Oil & gas 79
Alcan Metals & mining 77
Alcoa Metals & mining 74
AEP Electric power 73
Cinergy Electric power 73
Statoil Oil & gas 72
Bayer Chemical 71
Nippon Steel Metals & mining 67
Source: "Corporate Governance and Climate Change: Making the Connection," Ceres.
*Scores based on commitment to controlling emissions, disclosure practices, support of regulatory actions, and strategic planning to address climate change.

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