VIAVI Solutions launches CIoT module in preparation for IoT global explosion

CIoT capabilities have been added to VIAVI Solutions' TeraVM solution


Cellular IoT (CIoT) capabilities have been added to VIAVI Solutions' TeraVM solution, enabling operators, vendors and service providers to test and future proof their networks in preparation for the development and commercialization of the IoT in the coming years.

The newly established TeraVM virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN) CIoT module is able to emulate more than 16 million IoT devices via narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and CAT-M connections in a fully virtualized environment. Using the module, users can test the ability of their networks to support the huge array of current and potential connected IoT end points.

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TeraVM's CIoT module offers a number of solutions to problems operators and ISPs currently face as the IoT experiences rapid expansion. The enhancement provides users with a single platform that covers 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, helping service providers determine bottlenecks, protect mission critical services and make plans for the next wireless core upgrade.

"This marks the next stage of network testing, and one which is crucial for a connected future built on smart cities and connected cars," said Ultan Kelly, senior product director, VIAVI Solutions. "Using TeraVM, operators can now test their networks by simulating mobile and data traffic in a city like London or New York, plus the volume and diversity of traffic from millions of IoT end points, which will stress a different part of their infrastructure in a wholly new way."

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