Using The Cloud To Create The Ultimate Omni-Channel Experience

How can the cloud help your multi-device work?


Omni-Channel experiences are about more than simply making websites that look the same across multiple devices, it is about the experience across every device, not only in how tasks are done, but which tasks can be done.

For example, if you are using your laptop, then need to leave, it makes sense to be able to continue your task where you left off.

This is something that many companies are already doing well, but is an area that many others could improve on.

Take Netflix as a prime example, if I am watching a video on my laptop, then want to switch to my iPad, it will know where I was in any particular show, so I can then make the device switch without it having an affect on what I am doing on either device.

This can be done well through the cloud, which allows for actions to be tracked through a central repository held online and freely accessible by any device the user is logged into. The company can also see all actions across various devices making tracking much more effective.

This kind of work has huge benefits to both the users and the companies implementing the system.

For the user it means that there is continuity in each device, for the company it means that actions can be tracked accurately across every interface and compared to optimize the cross platform experience.

Tracking the same actions across every device is always going to pose challenges, simply because the way that people use devices changes entirely.

Even at the most basic level the difference between using a mouse and cursor compared to a touchscreen totally changes the user experience for the customer, which may mean that people are more likely to perform one action on a touch device compared to a desktop and visa versa. This kind of information, when you can clearly see the progression of an action across multiple devices can help companies optimize their offerings on a multitude of devices.

It may be that data shows that people are more likely to respond to an ad on a smartphone or that they struggle with filling out certain forms on a touchscreen device compared to a computer.

Analytics can then help companies to make the most of these changes to help drive profit and customer engagement on different devices and through the transition between them. It makes for a far more holistic view on customer activity and site design, something that can have huge advantages to both parties. 


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