Using Technology In Business To Business Marketing

Applying the right mix of technology so that your business to business marketing results continue to expand


If your company has successfully made the move to the cloud with most of your forward-looking applications, you probably have a lot more opportunity to market to businesses leveraging your application stack.

The problem that sometimes arises is that you have created an environment in which technology and data can thrive, but you require specific tools to make the connections and automate your processes to the point where you are spending money on marketing program creation and sales only- not on a lot of data entry.

Here are some ways that you can use technology to improve your business to business marketing results:

Build an App Tied to Your Service

This may seem fairly basic. You spend money on an ERP or CRM and open that to your client base so that you can allow them to have a place where they can transact business with you. By the same token, many of your clients are using tablets and smartphones that are not comfortable enough for them to be able to actively work with the desktop edition of the web page that you serve them.

The obvious answer is to go where your clients are. Build an Android or iOS application that allows them to launch the application from their mobile device and instantly access your data without having to render it by resizing the browsing window. To that application, you can add push capabilities that move marketing programs and promotions in front of them each time that they open it. It may sound like a bit of duplication, but if you have a website with a product catalog contained on it, displaying the same products with an application friendly layout will win a lot more users over time.

Wipe Out Bottlenecks

One of the hardest things facing website owners that use older technology like PHP is that there is a certain memory hit each time a new website user shows up and launches your application. Accounting for that memory need is something that many firms manage until they start to implement a planned solution that will lower the amount of memory use that the database is subjected to.

You also need to be aware of the wear and tear being put on the database from a resources standpoint. Using kafka as a service is one example of an architecture that snaps into the data presentation that you do for clients. If you deliver a lot of data that changes over time, using this service allows you to avoid multiple database reads by different sessions simultaneously. Instead, you find the data that you need with a process- and then publish it to a session or multiple sessions without impacting database performance.

Sending Email

Although there are constraints on how you can use email, most businesses that market to other businesses are very comfortable running their marketing programs through their existing databases. To help you make better decisions and save you time, there are several email marketing programs on the market. Because the price and feature range vary greatly, it is hard to point to one recommended service. Instead, by doing research and developing a list of requirements that match specifically what your company wants to do, you can whittle the number of applications that are right for you down considerably.

Most leading products on the market are capable of building lists, managing leads, lead analysis, and designing and sending actual email. For the foreseeable future, so many vendors will remain in the market, competing with each other, that you will not likely see price hikes until the last part of next year.

Applying the right mix of technology so that your business to business marketing results continue to expand starts with getting your requirements together in a way that is meaningful to your business. After that, finding best of class applications that extend your web services can increase your productivity without representing a potentially lost expenditure.


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