US startup launches 'Smart Campaign' to improve mobile ad spend

Denim Labs has developed a new service to offer enhanced insights into mobile ad campaigns with the option of customization


US-based mobile marketing startup Denim Labs Inc. has announced its latest product, Smart Campaigns, which aims to automate A/B testing and optimizing mobile ad campaigns.

Denim, founded in 2015, integrates artificial intelligence within its mobile ad platform to offer solutions to the finance and business sector. In a 2017 blog post, Denim revealed that its AI-fueled platform utilizes more than one billion data points on consumer engagement.

According to Denim its new product aims to optimize ad spend and enhance mobile ad strategy while offering businesses the capability to test campaign variables.

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Denim's CEO and co-founder Gregory Bailey said, "marketers have long used A/B testing to take the guesswork out of what they do.

"Smart Campaigns takes A/B testing to an entirely new level. With automatic optimization and budget reallocation, our customers can sit back and relax, knowing their advertising dollars are going to the top-performing ads in each and every market."

With companies increasingly leveraging mobile ad strategies and systems to reach their target audience, the statistics portal has predicted that the global mobile ad spend is expected to reach $186.8bn by 2020.

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