US organic food industry predicted to be worth $70.4bn by 2025, according to Hexa Research

US health conscious consumers have the potential to drive the organic market from $43.7bn in 2017 to $70.4bn market value by 2025


According to a recent report by Hexa Research, The US organic market size is expected to reach $70.4bn by 2025 due to increasing consumer demand.

The report showed how increasingly aware of their food intake the US population has become. Studies into food products have revealed hidden additives with profound health risks. Awareness of the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides in food is expected to drive the organic food market sector.

Scientists have found glyphosate to be linked to cancer and reproductive issues; glyphosate is in approximately 94% soya crops and more than 89% corn cultivated in the US. This led the US government to introduce new labels to help customers differentiate natural food from processed.

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The report also cited US consumers easy access to the organic food via the 20,000 natural food stores and conventional grocers will also contribute toward the increase in market value. Multinational retail corporation, Walmart, now sells organic produce from local farms in some of its grocery stores.

According to Laura Batcha, CEO of the Organic Trade Association: “Consumers don’t just want to eat clean food, they are also demanding transparency, clean ingredients and plant-based products in every aspect of their lives.”


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