US medical software company implements cloud-based technology

Aprima adopts Dolbey's Fusion Narrate to its EHR system in effort to improve healthcare workflow


US medical software company Aprima has joined a partnership with healthcare solutions innovator Dolbey and Company to enhance its existing electronic health record system (EHR) in an effort to improve healthcare providers' workflow and efficiency.

Dolbey will offer Aprima's EHR system a cloud-based speech recognition solution, Fusion Narrate, which is said to provide users with a patent-pending shortcut, Vision Clicks, which provides a voice command option to navigate the EHR system and can also suggest edits within a workflow to improve patient care.

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Michael Nissenbaum, president and CEO of Aprima, said: "We pride ourselves on doctors being able to document faster in Aprima than most other EHR systems.

"The addition of Dolbey's superb speech recognition tools, now equipped with voice command macros, will make our providers even more efficient. That's why we're entering this partnership; we think it will add tremendous value to customers who already document via voice and grab the attention of those who have previously avoided voice for any number of reasons."

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology reported, in 2015, approximately 87% of office-based physicians had already implemented an EHR system.


Written by Innovation Enterprise Digital Content Editor, Simorin Pinto


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