US data company releases video content search engine for the deaf

Erie Data Systems introduces CaptionSeek which aims to assist hearing-impaired internet users


US-based Erie Data Systems has announced the launch of CaptionSeek, a video search engine which will be targeted toward hearing-impaired internet users.

According to Erie Data System, a US-based company which specializes in gathering and classification of internet data, CaptionSeek will aim to address common issues that hearing-impaired internet users face, which include the inability to source close-captioned video content and the quality of close-captioned videos.

Craig J. Stadler, founder of Erie Data Systems, said, "We are excited to bring this much-needed capability to the hard of hearing and deaf internet users. We will also be working with various support organizations to further develop this offering."

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The new platform will offer users the ability to sift through video content by topic or captions – which includes news derived from broadcast television, movies and video games – will enable videos to be viewed with relevant or related captions. Additionally, users will be provided with the ability to review the accuracy and quality of the captions provided and provide feedback to the company.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, which is expected to increase to more than 900 million people by 2050.


Written by Innovation Enterprise Digital Content Editor, Simorin Pinto

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