Understanding The Developing Web

The web is changing all the time. Make sure you stay up-to-date so you don't miss anything


The modern day web is changing rapidly every day. No matter what industry or area of business you work in, you need to understand the web more than ever before. It now affects every part of life and the way it is developing will give you clues on how to navigate the future and avoid losing time, money, and security. With a better understanding of the web, you can enjoy a degree of peace of mind regarding the future.

Cloud Hosting and Scaling

When you access the internet, you are actually sending a signal with your device through cyberspace to a certain location in the worldwide network (internet). You will end up at a certain 'address' which is dependant on the website you've looked up. However, everyone on Facebook is not accessing the exact same bits and bytes.

Instead, they are being 'served' a version of the webpage from servers. These servers are optimized, powerful machines that send and receive code at incredible speeds in order to allow the internet to work like it does. Without them, company websites wouldn't be able to exist.

However, the more people trying to access your site at the same time, the more it clogs up their servers. So eventually, as companies grow, they need more servers. However, it's expensive to purchase servers and set them up, especially if they don't end up needing them.

That is why AWS (Amazon Web Services) and other cloud services are continuously growing in popularity. These services let businesses pay as they go, only renting out server space when they actually need it in real time. The end result is a much leaner business model.


Security is paramount for proper web hygiene. However, most people don't even take basic steps when it comes to their online security. Businesses don't do this most of the time. This is a real problem because hackers can get almost anything they want once they gain entry into your system; passwords, bank accounts, customer lists and more. Once they have this info, they can sell it on to your competition and ruin your profits.

That's one of the reasons so many security services have been created, to protect your information. For instance, the rise in managed detection and response service providers speaks to the number of businesses who recognize a need for security but simply do not have the time or internal expertise to put these into place.


In the 90's it didn't much matter what your website looked like. Sites then were so new that people viewed all website as some sort of novelty. But those days are in the past. Today, websites are being designed at very high levels. And the thing is, it takes hardly any effort to get a beautiful website today. Simply install a theme and you're good to go. Web design will continue to be an important factor to people, so we should all continue to experience a more pleasant web experience.

Dark Web

The developing web is also giving way to another type of internet; the dark web or 'deep' web. This is simply a version of the internet which isn't indexed, so it circumvents typical censorship. It is not yet very safe for the majority of users, but as governments, criminals,anti-government protesters, and the plain curious continue to use it, it is likely to become an important part of the web at large, and something not to be ignored.

When it comes to the modern day web, it is far different from what it used to be. Long gone are the days of dial-up internet and outdated technologies. Today, things move faster and there are more opportunities than ever before. There are also more threats than ever before and that is why smart people and companies must be diligent to stay up to date with the developing web. That way, you can act on opportunities instead of missing out.


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